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CANMOD is a national network, with members located across the country and associated with a broader Emerging Infectious Disease Modelling (EIDM) initiative. We are a community of modellers, statisticians, epidemiologists, public health decision-makers, and those implementing and delivering interventions.


Name Institution
Alan Diener Health Canada
Michael WZ Li Public Health Agency of Canada
Matthew MacLeod Defence Research and Development Canada
British Columbia
Cedric Chauve Simon Fraser University
Caroline Colijn Simon Fraser University
James Colliander University of British Columbia
Daniel Coombs University of British Columbia
Donald Estep Simon Fraser University
Naveed Janjua University of British Columbia
Dean Karlen University of Victoria
Sarah Otto University of British Columbia
Natalie Prystajecky University of British Columbia
Alexander Rutherford Simon Fraser University
Paul Tupper Simon Fraser University
Rebecca Tyson University of British Columbia
Xuekui Zhang University of Victoria
Dionne Aleman University of Toronto
Diego Bassani University of Toronto
Benjamin Bolker McMaster University
Sean Cornelius Ryerson University
Colin Daniel Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd.
Troy Day Queen's University
Jonathan Dushoff McMaster University
David Earn McMaster University
David Fisman University of Toronto
Amy Greer University of Guelph
Rafal Kustra University of Toronto
Mark Loeb McMaster University
Doug Manuel University of Ottawa
Sharmistha Mishra University of Toronto
Jean-Paul Soucy University of Toronto
Shelby Sturrock University of Toronto
Ashleigh Tuite University of Toronto
Michael Wolfson University of Ottawa
Marc Brisson Université Laval
David Buckeridge McGill University
Mathieu Maheu-Giroux McGill University
Sandrine Moreira Institut national de santé publique du Québec
Jesse Shapiro McGill University
Caroline Wagner McGill University
The Atlantic Provinces
Amy Hurford Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
Javier Sanchez University of Prince Edward Island
The Northern Territories
Brian Gaas Government of Yukon Health and Social Services
Lisa Kanary Yukon University
Sara McPhee-Knowles Yukon University
Shashi Shahi Yukon University
The Prairie Provinces
Julien Arino University of Manitoba
Timothy Caulfield University of Alberta
Kate Harback Institute of Health Economics
Mark Lewis University of Alberta
Christopher McCabe University of Alberta
Jeff Round University of Alberta
Larry Svenson University of Alberta
Tyler Williamson University of Calgary
Nathaniel Osgood University of Saskatchewan

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CANMOD – People
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Alexander Rutherford »Alexander Rutherford
Amy Greer »Amy Greer
Amy Hurford »Amy Hurford
Ashleigh Tuite »Ashleigh Tuite
Beate Sander »Beate Sander
Benjamin Bolker »Benjamin Bolker
Caroline Colijn »Caroline Colijn
Caroline E Wagner »Caroline E Wagner
Christopher McCabe »Christopher McCabe
Daniel Coombs »Daniel Coombs
David Buckeridge »David Buckeridge
David Earn »David Earn
David Fisman »David Fisman
Diego Bassani »Diego Bassani
James Colliander »James Colliander
Javier Sanchez »Javier Sanchez
Joan Hu »Joan Hu
Jonathan Dushoff »Jonathan Dushoff
Julien Arino »Julien Arino
Lisa Kanary »Lisa Kanary
Marc Brisson »Marc Brisson
Mark Lewis »Mark Lewis
Mark Loeb »Mark Loeb
Mathieu Maheu-Giroux »Mathieu Maheu-Giroux
Michael Wolfson »Michael Wolfson
Natalie Anne Prystajecky »Natalie Anne Prystajecky
Nathaniel Osgood »Nathaniel Osgood
Naveed Zafar Janjua »Naveed Zafar Janjua
Nicole Basta »Nicole Basta
Paul Tupper »Paul Tupper
Rafal Kustra »Rafal Kustra
Rebecca Tyson »Rebecca Tyson
Rob Deardon »Rob Deardon
Samira Mubareka »Samira Mubareka
Sara McPhee-Knowles »Sara McPhee-Knowles
Sarah Otto »Sarah Otto
Sean P. Cornelius »Sean P. Cornelius
Sharmistha Mishra »Sharmistha Mishra
Troy Day »Troy Day
Tyler Williamson »Tyler Williamson
Dionne Aleman »Dionne Aleman
Cedric Chauve »Cedric Chauve
Colin Daniel »Colin Daniel
Donald Estep »Donald Estep
Dean Karlen »Dean Karlen
Matthew MacLeod »Matthew MacLeod
Doug Manuel »Doug Manuel
Sandrine Moreira »Sandrine Moreira
Xuekui Zhang »Xuekui Zhang
Michael WZ Li »Michael WZ Li
Alan Diener »Alan Diener
Ellen Rafferty »Ellen Rafferty
Timothy Caulfield »Timothy Caulfield
Brian Gaas »Brian Gaas
Man Wah Yeung »Man Wah Yeung
Kate Harback »Kate Harback
Larry Svenson - In Memoriam »Larry Svenson - In Memoriam
Sasha van Katwyk »Sasha van Katwyk
Jean-Paul Soucy »Jean-Paul Soucy
Shelby Sturrock »Shelby Sturrock
Shashi Shahi »Shashi Shahi
Jeff Round »Jeff Round
Jesse Shapiro »Jesse Shapiro
Steve Walker »Steve Walker
Evan Mitchell »Evan Mitchell
Étienne Racine »Étienne Racine
Mikael Jagan »Mikael Jagan
Azadeh Aghaeeyan »Azadeh Aghaeeyan
Jennafer Mee »Jennafer Mee
Sana Naderi »Sana Naderi
Ben Ashby »Ben Ashby
Kevin Brown »Kevin Brown
People »People
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