Jonathan Dushoff
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Jonathan Dushoff
CANMOD – Network »CANMOD – Network
MfPH – Network »MfPH – Network
McMaster University »McMaster University
Foundations of dynamic modeling (1 - Introduction) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (1 - Introduction)
Foundations of dynamic modeling (2 - Lecture) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (2 - Lecture)
Foundations of dynamic modeling (3 - Discussion) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (3 - Discussion)
Introduction to Statistical Philosophy »Introduction to Statistical Philosophy
Likelihood fitting and dynamic models I »Likelihood fitting and dynamic models I
Model assessment »Model assessment
Model evaluation and comparison »Model evaluation and comparison
Heterogeneity, contact patterns, and modeling options »Heterogeneity, contact patterns, and modeling options
Public Health Agency of Canada »Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization »World Health Organization
South African Medical Research Council »South African Medical Research Council
Ontario Science Table »Ontario Science Table
United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention »United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
McMasterPandemic »McMasterPandemic
11 Immune response, immune memory and cross-immunity »11 Immune response, immune memory and cross-immunity
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