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Research interests Â»Research interests
Long covid Â»Long covid
Alex Petiquan Â»Alex Petiquan
Amy Hurford Â»Amy Hurford
Arne Ruckert Â»Arne Ruckert
Christopher Cotton Â»Christopher Cotton
Christopher McCabe Â»Christopher McCabe
David Earn Â»David Earn
Erica Moodie Â»Erica Moodie
Erin Kirwin Â»Erin Kirwin
Fred Brauer - In Memoriam Â»Fred Brauer - In Memoriam
FrĂ©dĂ©ric Tremblay Â»FrĂ©dĂ©ric Tremblay
Harini Kapali Â»Harini Kapali
Huw Lloyd-Ellis Â»Huw Lloyd-Ellis
Jean-Paul Soucy Â»Jean-Paul Soucy
Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein Â»Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein
John Edmunds Â»John Edmunds
Julien Arino Â»Julien Arino
Justin Remais Â»Justin Remais
Larry Svenson - In Memoriam Â»Larry Svenson - In Memoriam
Lindsay Tedds Â»Lindsay Tedds
Lisa Kanary Â»Lisa Kanary
Lorian Hardcastle Â»Lorian Hardcastle
Marc Brisson Â»Marc Brisson
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Matt Keeling Â»Matt Keeling
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Michael Y Li Â»Michael Y Li
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Nabil Afodjo Â»Nabil Afodjo
Samira Mubareka Â»Samira Mubareka
Sanjeev Seahra Â»Sanjeev Seahra
Seyed Moghadas Â»Seyed Moghadas
Shelby Sturrock Â»Shelby Sturrock
Thomas Hurd - In Memoriam Â»Thomas Hurd - In Memoriam
Thomas Poder Â»Thomas Poder
British Columbia COVID-19 Group Â»British Columbia COVID-19 Group
COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group Â»COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group
2021/09/07 Feaven Sahle, Kamil Malikov & Peter Hamilton Â»2021/09/07 Feaven Sahle, Kamil Malikov & Peter Hamilton
2021/09/21 Julien Arino Â»2021/09/21 Julien Arino
2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner Â»2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner
2021/10/19 Nathaniel Osgood Â»2021/10/19 Nathaniel Osgood
2021/11/16 Gabrielle Brankston Â»2021/11/16 Gabrielle Brankston
2021/11/23 Jane Heffernan Â»2021/11/23 Jane Heffernan
2021/12/07 Sharmistha Mishra Â»2021/12/07 Sharmistha Mishra
2021/12/14 Nathaniel Osgood Â»2021/12/14 Nathaniel Osgood
22/01/11 Amy Hurford Â»22/01/11 Amy Hurford
2022/01/18 Ali Asgary & Nathaniel Osgood Â»2022/01/18 Ali Asgary & Nathaniel Osgood
2022/01/25 WF Shadwick & Ana Cascon Â»2022/01/25 WF Shadwick & Ana Cascon
2022/01/26 MfPH Workshop on Endemic COVID-19: Mathematical Insights Â»2022/01/26 MfPH Workshop on Endemic COVID-19: Mathematical Insights
2022/02/10 – Huw Lloyd-Ellis & FrĂ©dĂ©ric Tremblay Â»2022/02/10 – Huw Lloyd-Ellis & FrĂ©dĂ©ric Tremblay
2022/02/24 – Vic Adamowicz, Patrick Lloyd-Smith & Tsegaye Gatiso Â»2022/02/24 – Vic Adamowicz, Patrick Lloyd-Smith & Tsegaye Gatiso
2022/03/10 – Ellen Rafferty & Danica Wolitski Â»2022/03/10 – Ellen Rafferty & Danica Wolitski
2022/03/24 – Kate Harback Â»2022/03/24 – Kate Harback
22/03/28 COVID-19 Model Comparison Workshop Â»22/03/28 COVID-19 Model Comparison Workshop
2022/04/05 Jorge Velasco-Hernandez Â»2022/04/05 Jorge Velasco-Hernandez
2022/04/21 – Maggie Jones Â»2022/04/21 – Maggie Jones
2022/05/12 – Cheryl Waldner & Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein Â»2022/05/12 – Cheryl Waldner & Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein
2022/05/22 – François Castonguay Â»2022/05/22 – François Castonguay
2022/05/31 David Champredon Â»2022/05/31 David Champredon
220601 COVID-19 in the UK: Data, Models, Projections and Policy Â»220601 COVID-19 in the UK: Data, Models, Projections and Policy
2022/06/16 – Laurel Wheeler Â»2022/06/16 – Laurel Wheeler
220817 Jude Kong Â»220817 Jude Kong
220928 Iain Moyles Â»220928 Iain Moyles
01 Imperfect testing and serosurveys Â»01 Imperfect testing and serosurveys
02 COVID mortality forecasting Â»02 COVID mortality forecasting
04 Estimating COVID-19 prevalence in homeless populations Â»04 Estimating COVID-19 prevalence in homeless populations
05 Hidden Markov Individual-level Models of Disease Transmission Â»05 Hidden Markov Individual-level Models of Disease Transmission
06 Infection Control during Mass Gathering Events Â»06 Infection Control during Mass Gathering Events
07 Small-area estimation and serosurveys Â»07 Small-area estimation and serosurveys
08 Spatial-Temporal Modeling of COVID-19 Adverse Outcomes in Canada Â»08 Spatial-Temporal Modeling of COVID-19 Adverse Outcomes in Canada
10 Dynamic Bifurcation and Scenario Analyses Â»10 Dynamic Bifurcation and Scenario Analyses
13 Phylodynamic Modelling of Infectious Diseases Â»13 Phylodynamic Modelling of Infectious Diseases
EOC Modeling Simulations and Exercises Â»EOC Modeling Simulations and Exercises
04 Intervention and Control Â»04 Intervention and Control
05 Indigenous Peoples Health and Wellbeing Â»05 Indigenous Peoples Health and Wellbeing
Advancing agent-based simulation scalability Â»Advancing agent-based simulation scalability
Behaviour Â»Behaviour
Emerging Infectious Disease and Indigenous Peoples Health & Wellbeing Â»Emerging Infectious Disease and Indigenous Peoples Health & Wellbeing
Heterogeneity and syndemics Â»Heterogeneity and syndemics
Mathematical modelling of human response behaviour during pandemics Â»Mathematical modelling of human response behaviour during pandemics
Smaller jurisdictions Â»Smaller jurisdictions
Testing Â»Testing
Vaccination Â»Vaccination
Vaccination and antimicrobials, from the individual to the population Â»Vaccination and antimicrobials, from the individual to the population
COVID Hospital Surge Â»COVID Hospital Surge
COVID JupyterHub Â»COVID JupyterHub
COVID Prevalence Estimate Â»COVID Prevalence Estimate
COVID-19 Re - Generation Time Â»COVID-19 Re - Generation Time
covidseir Â»covidseir
CovidSim Â»CovidSim
covid-topic-modeling Â»covid-topic-modeling
Efficacy of quarantine Â»Efficacy of quarantine
epi base package for SyncroSim Â»epi base package for SyncroSim
Estimating the infection fatality rate of Covid-19 Â»Estimating the infection fatality rate of Covid-19
Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS) Â»Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS)
Ontario pandemic mobility Â»Ontario pandemic mobility
Open Data Model Â»Open Data Model
Prediction Codes Â»Prediction Codes
PyCoMod Â»PyCoMod
python Population Modeller Â»python Population Modeller
Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks Â»Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks
FAIR Covid19 Data Project Â»FAIR Covid19 Data Project
Benjamin Bolker Â»Benjamin Bolker
McMasterPandemic Â»McMasterPandemic
Jonathan Dushoff Â»Jonathan Dushoff
Caroline Colijn Â»Caroline Colijn
David Buckeridge Â»David Buckeridge
Sandrine Moreira Â»Sandrine Moreira
Genomics Â»Genomics
2021/10/12 Jude Dzevela Kong & Junling Ma Â»2021/10/12 Jude Dzevela Kong & Junling Ma
08 Contact tracing Â»08 Contact tracing
11 Immune response, immune memory and cross-immunity Â»11 Immune response, immune memory and cross-immunity
OSN – Goals Â»OSN – Goals
Ashleigh Tuite Â»Ashleigh Tuite
Carl E. James Â»Carl E. James
Genomics Â»Genomics
Respiratory infections Â»Respiratory infections
Étienne Racine Â»Ă‰tienne Racine
Evan Mitchell Â»Evan Mitchell
David Champredon Â»David Champredon
Azadeh Aghaeeyan Â»Azadeh Aghaeeyan
Jennafer Mee Â»Jennafer Mee
Nick Ogden Â»Nick Ogden
Jesse Shapiro Â»Jesse Shapiro
Sana Naderi Â»Sana Naderi
Ben Ashby Â»Ben Ashby
Edward Thommes  Â»Edward Thommes
Monica Cojocaru Â»Monica Cojocaru
Woldegebriel Assefa Woldegerima Â»Woldegebriel Assefa Woldegerima
Venkata Duvvuri Â»Venkata Duvvuri
Naveed Zafar Janjua Â»Naveed Zafar Janjua
Mark Loeb Â»Mark Loeb
Xuekui Zhang Â»Xuekui Zhang
Alexander Rutherford Â»Alexander Rutherford
Mark Lewis Â»Mark Lewis
David Fisman Â»David Fisman
Natalie Anne Prystajecky Â»Natalie Anne Prystajecky
Beate Sander Â»Beate Sander
Timothy Caulfield Â»Timothy Caulfield
Sharmistha Mishra Â»Sharmistha Mishra
Paul Tupper Â»Paul Tupper
Mathieu Maheu-Giroux Â»Mathieu Maheu-Giroux
Amy Greer Â»Amy Greer
Jane Heffernan Â»Jane Heffernan
Tyler Williamson Â»Tyler Williamson
Caroline E Wagner Â»Caroline E Wagner
Nathaniel Osgood Â»Nathaniel Osgood
Daniel Coombs Â»Daniel Coombs
Doug Manuel Â»Doug Manuel
Charmaine Dean Â»Charmaine Dean
Sara McPhee-Knowles Â»Sara McPhee-Knowles
Sarah Otto Â»Sarah Otto
Gary Van Domselaar Â»Gary Van Domselaar
Rebecca Tyson Â»Rebecca Tyson
Lloyd T. Elliott Â»Lloyd T. Elliott
Kumar Murty Â»Kumar Murty
Patrick Brown Â»Patrick Brown
Laura Cowen Â»Laura Cowen
Troy Day Â»Troy Day
Huaiping Zhu Â»Huaiping Zhu
Rob Deardon Â»Rob Deardon
Ellen Rafferty Â»Ellen Rafferty
Jianhong Wu Â»Jianhong Wu
James Watmough Â»James Watmough
Dean Karlen Â»Dean Karlen
Iain Moyles Â»Iain Moyles
Jacques BĂ©lair Â»Jacques BĂ©lair
Jude Kong Â»Jude Kong
Ali Asgary Â»Ali Asgary
Zahra Mohammadi Â»Zahra Mohammadi
Hao Wang Â»Hao Wang
Theodore Kolokolnikov Â»Theodore Kolokolnikov
Junling Ma Â»Junling Ma
Steini Brown Â»Steini Brown
Isaac Bogoch Â»Isaac Bogoch
Bouchra Nasri Â»Bouchra Nasri
Swetaprovo Chaudhuri Â»Swetaprovo Chaudhuri
Wastewater-based surveillance (WBS)  Â»Wastewater-based surveillance (WBS)
Contact tracing Â»Contact tracing
221117 Stochasticity in adherence to nonpharmaceutical interventions Â»221117 Stochasticity in adherence to nonpharmaceutical interventions
221215 Compliance with social distancing and vaccination for COVID-19 Â»221215 Compliance with social distancing and vaccination for COVID-19
231016 Minimizing airborne transmission routes in indoor public spaces Â»231016 Minimizing airborne transmission routes in indoor public spaces
230316 Modelling to Support Public Health Decisions Â»230316 Modelling to Support Public Health Decisions
Diagnostic testing Â»Diagnostic testing
230928 Emergency Operations Center Exercise Event Â»230928 Emergency Operations Center Exercise Event
CIHR Variants of Concern Study Â»CIHR Variants of Concern Study
One Health Modelling for Emerging Infectious Diseases – Fall 2022 Â»One Health Modelling for Emerging Infectious Diseases – Fall 2022
221207 Fernando Baltazar Larios Â»221207 Fernando Baltazar Larios
230125 Jacques BĂ©lair Â»230125 Jacques BĂ©lair
230208 Martin Grunnill Â»230208 Martin Grunnill
230315 Ariel Mundo Ortiz Â»230315 Ariel Mundo Ortiz
221019 Bruno Remillard Â»221019 Bruno Remillard
230329 Nathan Duarte Â»230329 Nathan Duarte
230412 Jingjing Xu Â»230412 Jingjing Xu
230823 Arvin Vaziry Â»230823 Arvin Vaziry
231011 Rado Ramasy Â»231011 Rado Ramasy
231108 Julien Arino Â»231108 Julien Arino
231206 Mortaza Baky Haskuee Â»231206 Mortaza Baky Haskuee
240131 Zahra Mohammadi Â»240131 Zahra Mohammadi
240214 William Ruth Â»240214 William Ruth
240228 Tanya Philippsen Â»240228 Tanya Philippsen
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