International Clinics on Infectious Disease Dynamics and Data (ICI3D) trains international cohorts of junior researchers to develop integrative research projects in infectious disease dynamics and to communicate their questions, methods, and findings across disciplinary boundaries.
Training »Training
Research training »Research training
Foundations of dynamic modeling (1 - Introduction) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (1 - Introduction)
Foundations of dynamic modeling (2 - Lecture) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (2 - Lecture)
Foundations of dynamic modeling (3 - Discussion) »Foundations of dynamic modeling (3 - Discussion)
Heterogeneity, contact patterns, and modeling options »Heterogeneity, contact patterns, and modeling options
Introduction to Statistical Philosophy »Introduction to Statistical Philosophy
Likelihood fitting and dynamic models I »Likelihood fitting and dynamic models I
Model assessment »Model assessment
Model evaluation and comparison »Model evaluation and comparison
Online courses »Online courses
Jonathan Dushoff »Jonathan Dushoff
DAIDD 2021 »DAIDD 2021
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