Mark Lewis
Professor Mark Lewis, Kennedy Chair in Mathematical Biology at the University of Victoria and Emeritus Professor at the University of Alberta.

I work on mathematical problems in spatial ecology. My research is interdisciplinary and involves a variety of approaches, ranging from analysis of nonlinear mathematical models to field work. Some of the Lewis Research Group are in the lab in Biology and others work in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria.

Current projects associated with the Areas of research focus, include:

  • Animal movement modelling: continuous and discrete-time animal movement models, memory and animal movement, learning and animal movement.
  • Ecological dynamics in aquatic systems: dynamics of polar bear populations and movement on sea ice, ecological dynamics of cyanobacteria, spot prawn population dynamics and management, coral reef dynamics.
  • Population spread and invasive species: models for spreading populations, mountain pine beetle dynamics, response of population to climate change, genetic diversity of spreading populations, zebra mussel spread and control.
  • Wildlife disease modelling: sea lice infections in networks of salmon farms, spatio-temporal dynamics of macroparasites, dynamics of chronic wasting disease in deer.
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