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Research interests Â»Research interests
Alexandra Schmidt Â»Alexandra Schmidt
Ana Julia Amezaga Â»Ana Julia Amezaga
Cheryl Waldner Â»Cheryl Waldner
David Fisman Â»David Fisman
Dongmei Chen Â»Dongmei Chen
Herman W Barkema Â»Herman W Barkema
Ida Ferrara Â»Ida Ferrara
Jean-Michel Lariviere Â»Jean-Michel Lariviere
Julie Arsenault Â»Julie Arsenault
Karine Chalvet-Monfray Â»Karine Chalvet-Monfray
Kerry Black Â»Kerry Black
Lota Tamini Â»Lota Tamini
Michael Donohue Â»Michael Donohue
Tsegaye Gatiso Â»Tsegaye Gatiso
Environment and Climate Change Canada Â»Environment and Climate Change Canada
Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks Â»Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
2022/02/24 – Vic Adamowicz, Patrick Lloyd-Smith & Tsegaye Gatiso Â»2022/02/24 – Vic Adamowicz, Patrick Lloyd-Smith & Tsegaye Gatiso
2022/05/19 – Bryce Morsky Â»2022/05/19 – Bryce Morsky
220817 Jude Kong Â»220817 Jude Kong
Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS) Â»Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS)
Ali Asgary Â»Ali Asgary
Carolyn Fischer Â»Carolyn Fischer
Antoinette Ludwig Â»Antoinette Ludwig
Cindy Feng Â»Cindy Feng
Harini Kapali Â»Harini Kapali
Heather Murphy Â»Heather Murphy
03 Risk Evaluation and Early Detection Â»03 Risk Evaluation and Early Detection
Justin Remais Â»Justin Remais
Juxin Liu Â»Juxin Liu
Kate Harback Â»Kate Harback
Krishna Thakur Â»Krishna Thakur
Markus Hermann Â»Markus Hermann
Nancy Bergeron Â»Nancy Bergeron
Natalie Anne Prystajecky Â»Natalie Anne Prystajecky
Patrick Lloyd-Smith Â»Patrick Lloyd-Smith
Rob Deardon Â»Rob Deardon
Shannon Majowicz Â»Shannon Majowicz
Shashi Shahi Â»Shashi Shahi
Sherilee Harper Â»Sherilee Harper
Vic Adamowicz Â»Vic Adamowicz
2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner Â»2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner
2021/10/19 Nathaniel Osgood Â»2021/10/19 Nathaniel Osgood
2022/01/18 Ali Asgary & Nathaniel Osgood Â»2022/01/18 Ali Asgary & Nathaniel Osgood
Open Data Model Â»Open Data Model
Wastewater-based surveillance (WBS)  Â»Wastewater-based surveillance (WBS)
Climate change Â»Climate change
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