03 Risk Evaluation and Early Detection
Risk Evaluation and Early Detection of Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks in Canada.
  • This project will integrate multiple types of data such as environmental, epidemiological, news reports, and search data, and develop novel mathematical, statistical, and big data techniques to a) evaluate the risk of case importation into major Canadian cities though international travel; b) detect and give early warnings to domestic spread for cities with imported cases; and c) evaluate the risk of case spread from these to other regions in Canada through domestic travel.

Leads: Junling Ma (University of Victoria, Victoria) and Jude Kong (York University, Toronto)

Members: Arthur Charpentier, Thomas Hurd, Juxin Liu, Manuel Morales, Bouchra Nasri, Ashleigh Tuite, Jianhong Wu

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03 Risk Evaluation and Early Detection
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