Junling Ma
I am an associate professor in Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria. I received B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in 1994, and M.Sc in Applied Mathematics in 1997, from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. I received Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Princeton University in 2003.

Research Interests

  • Mathematical modeling in epidemiology, ecology, and evolutionary biology, using the tools of differential equations and dynamical systems, stochastic processes, and statistical methods.
  • Mathematical modeling of the spread of infectious diseases, optimal control strategies, and their interaction with viral evolution; modeling the spread process on random networks; study specific diseases such as influenza, HIV, Ebola, and cholera.
  • Current projects include modeling the seasonal epidemics and pandemics of influenza; the spread of HIV among injection drug users and sex workers; plague in 14-16 centuries in London; network epidemic models; statistical methods on disease parameter estimation.


  • Infectious disease models
  • random networks
  • influenza
  • HIV
  • Ebola
  • cholera
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Junling Ma
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