Shannon Majowicz
Associate Professor in the School of Public Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo.

  • My research aims to prevent foodborne and related diseases in Canadian and international contexts, and to enhance public health practice both broadly and within environmental health.
  • To this end, I investigate the burden and risks for these illnesses, and identify and evaluate interventions (including those currently in use, like food handler training). My research applies a systems lens to food-related health outcomes: food and its consumption is a confluence of risks and benefits which impact infectious diseases, chronic conditions, and nutrition, and I explore food safety strategies that account for the multiple health outcomes associated with the production and consumption of food.
  • My research involves tools that improve the use of evidence in public health decision making, particularly those that allow multiple or competing perspectives. Before joining SPHS, I spent a decade as an epidemiologist with the Government of Canada. There, my work involved extensive knowledge translation, bringing research into Canadian and international public health practice, and creating a wide network of knowledge users, practitioners, and researchers with whom I still collaborate.
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Shannon Majowicz
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