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T(ime) n(ext to) T(his time)jump to (mapName:...) ; ♡◇♧☆¡¿ ; A goal of this thought is to craft a comprehensive, efficient personal workFlow that spans Context(s) to provide optimal Productivity ... ; ( iType = When ) ; ( s.stringsH ) zSearch .search ( TdaTt TdaTn -1 )


2024-02-06 -05 : slowly refactoring...

  • GitHub ToDo

2024-01-30: refactor this Page

2024-01-03:  ⏳辰㋀週② (apparently acting as a hyperlink, styled according to its source)


2023-12-09: (Tfo): link to the Azure topMost environment

  • consider HansIsland as a demo.
    • link back to supporting DebateGraph pages (for ease of printing)
    • ...
  • ...



  • determine is the "re-arranged" patterns will persist
  • if(Not)
    • then.do( screenGrab of the arrangement )
    • consider an imbedded thumbnail of the snapshot


2023-10-31: Illustrate progressiveTest searches

  • Compare and contrast this with TwK's EditList use.
    • link to:
      • the TiddlyTools sources
      • CurbSide
  • use Dg's Calendar to summarize some of the more important Work activities



  • ( string TfoT TmoT Tqu TtT TnT TpT ... TooBig ).s
    • Longer strings may have search-able sub-strings
    • subString may not be found.  (e.g. TweTt is not found via TdaTwe)
    • TweTda or TdaTwe ??
      • Significance issue needs to be documented properly.
    • Other links: TdaTwe ...


  • Demonstrate the GitHub "pulse" activity
  • ...



  • break this pages into multiple segments to achieve the objectives of minimal scrolling.
  • ...


  • Show the AdManCa address data in the contexts of Google's PlusCodes

2023-05 31:

  • Incorporate supporting milestones for the work done throughout the year.
    • much of this can be harvested from GitHub
    • Flesh this out with the TwVersions release schedule and build the hierarchy of Need, WorkDone, Accomplishments
  • Link to all of this via TwH to show the effectivenesss and efficiencies of Pan-Environment ProtoTyping.

2023-04-30: show the earliest AI activities that are significant in our EdD contexts.










  • personal explanatory Notes can be maintained in CoreTwH areas, assuming that only the edgeEnvironments are likely to be shown via DebateGraph since it build from a kernal outwards, in vari9ous directions as needed.
    • This shows the Fundamental need for a DataGraph approach that can :jump" and "join" ideas that are not Linear nor Adjacent.



  • provide appropriate Progress-Continuity links toEdD2022


  • Add the enlightenment definition.
  • ...
  • Link to the OCR project for EdD uses.
  • Edit activity needs to be increased to register (and remain) on RecentEdits.
  • consider the relative merits of SysH & TabH
  • The leftMenu Content display is quite helpful in pageView.
  • This page has grown too big.
    • Create subPages
  • camelot (the Tech. ?)
  • 2021-09-0?:
  • Equities Equity IndeX Weights
  • this page can be accessed via Hypothesis
  • https://debategraph.org/Details.aspx?nid=680778
  • https://debategraph.org/Stream.aspx?nid=681228&vt=ngraph&dc=focus
    • Transhumanist law suit

* the use of static names (NamesTye) reduces maintenance.

* NonWords ( searchStrings ) are being tested in this software.

* Search does not seem to be an Option in Page View on TabH.

T(ime) n(ext) T(ime) as opposed to TtT TpT ; Fortnight? ; ( WkhD DoTye )sStrings

  • C.: 6.: sStrings should be used much more.
    • consider nStrings nonWordStrings notWordStrings
    • ...
  1. Page view edits for bullets Fail.  Other features may too.

It might be effective to use the Ahmed energy to add appealing searchStrings.

Focus on the more important areas that need development.  Ideally

  • replace ellipsis with bullets, via SysH
  • enhance Top usage
  • review edit and update priorities, considering available tools.  (I.e.: forgotten TwFive file update).
  • KzLz support,
  • TalesH support
  • explain the uses of noWords as search targets. :SrEd2019 :nSearch :nWordSearch


  • https://debategraph.org/Stream.aspx?nid=646472&vt=ngraph&dc=focus
  • reclaimed


 . 2020-q0

Integrate content from OntarioNews that contributes to tissues.

The lede area should focus on a Page's value, rather than TnTasks.  one lastLine might be dedicated to TasksTn.  .search methods can be used to aggregate taskNext candidates from various independent Topics, at any point in time.

Continue refining s.stringsH in the TwVh ConText.

  • extend use of .search strings, perhaps with a dedicated Topic.s page for each major Topic
  • Make much more use of s.stringsH
    • Twe.s Tfo.s ...s
    • page and view designs may need to be tailored for each device type.
    • ( DoTqu _172 T19q4 Tmo10 T2019q4 ).s(earch)
  • Where was the recently restored Idea connected
  • Could this information be made to appear in the daily repport that is produced?


  • ( ThinClad ).s ; ).s ; s.( ; .TN ...
  • 🏡
  • Consider using TabAsus within this environment.
  • PageView scrolling seems relatively efficient, to the point that a ToDo area could be added to the bottom of a page, as opposed to being in the upper Lede area.
  • Review Page based workflows
  • Link to https://debategraph.org/Stream.aspx?nid=643553&vt=ngraph&dc=focus
  • DfxTn as a DplD factory
  • Review HowTo link to other maps, likely using a search


  • https://newsroom.interac.ca/why-2018-was-another-banner-year-for-interac-e-transfer/?
  • Reduce this via a prettyLink
  • Review Article views.
  • refreshing my views of the usefullness of this application after taking a break, will likely be useful.
  • Important uses ...
    • Associate interactions via entered Comments based shared Map access.
      • sStrings must be in Summary notes since in comments they are not found.
    • compelling Topics
      • health care
      • government
      • Inflation
  • increased use of pageView workflows for tablets
  • craft a separate DynaList for DebateGraph access
  • emotional motivators
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • review preparation by expanding the emerging Positional notation
  • PlacesOfInterest
    • try adding the SymbolsH instance

Editing via tablet ( in page view) seems very efficient.  Navigation also seems different.  Experience suggests that editing practices should be refined for each device type that is commonly used.

Make more use of MySavedViews.

Move Background to be subordinate to 5. Findings

Some of these Graph Views should be useful in showing corporate ownership hierarchies

An "expanding" view seems to need quite a bit of processing time.

Possible connecting Links [ E(dge)Types ]7

  • Innovation
  • ...

These names could include myJulianDate (Fortnight) conventions, but these may not be acceptable Search targets.

Consider using a DynaList to focus attention on the Ideas in this graph that should be refined nexy.

The different numeric character Ranges may be useful as Ordinal indices, given the Move methodology inherent in this DebateGraph software.


Foreword > Hints for each class of User (likely documented in Lede)

  • test and confirm Navigation hints

Introduction > Observations ...

  • Node size may vary with frequency of use.
  • considerations:
    • graphs can be connected easily, raising the question ...
      • "one big one" v. "more small ones".
        • different perspectives are more valuable in larger structures.
        • performance does not seem to be an issue (given mySQL)

Conclusions ...

  • Edits via tablets seem more efficient in Page view.
  • "Murri" becomes essential since Small devices are less likely to have onMouseOver Hovers
  •  Move these to a new Idea page.


^zT zearchT


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