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  • EventNow ( By-elections )
  • EvenrtNext ( next General Election )
  • EventAfter ( General Election, generally four years from the ...Next GE Event )
  • EventBeyond refers to Elections in the 2030s.
    • "open source" Elections software is appearing
      • review the global experts recognized by local academics


These distinctions recognize timing needs such as:

  1. By-elections are relatively unexpected events with relatively short schedules.
  2. General Elections are now generally scheduled on a four year cycle
    1. during which almost 40% of the time is consumed in six month reviews of the newly completed election and almost a years preparations for the next election, leaving very little time to develop, deliver, assemble and the systems components. 
    2. Inevitably, schedule compromises will cause an over-flow of enhancements into the following Cycle.



Explain the CantiLeveredH strategy.  This  will be needed:

  • for Funding (Debt or Equity) discussions
  • accelerated growth has a 21 year life cycle that is implicit in the CGE restructuring
    • Upper US brackets see to be able to extend this for generations
  • explain that the restructuring was needed to position for the inevitable AdManCa opportunities





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