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This Public graph links "Ideas" that interest Associates. It also serves as a prototype of a generalized DataGraph (SqLite version ?).
wp:The Thinker @ Stanford University, by FrHwo....

DebateGraph is designed as a tool for visualizing various aspects of complex Issues, specifically in Debates. ( string ).s is useful for Search.

This (DebateGraph for) (=2021-) + Ɗ(iigo) +  ...

... is part of an effort to better visualize and share many aspects of current Activities, Events, Interests.  This includes...

  • ( Elections, Banking ... ).Identity( Name + now.Address  = PobTob ) ; ...
  • ( Fair Market Value )."bubble(s)"
  • ( Collaboration ; Photography ).interests

This map (graph) also uses this DebateGraph software for interfaces to a web of Information Processing resources like ...

  • Wikipedia  ( WpH ... )
  • Dynalist (Outliner)
  • Diigo (Bookmarks & Outliners)
    • use Ðiigo to access specific ÐebateGraph maps
  • Twitter
    • #tags for topics as ÐebateGraph explorations
  • Google Docs ( wp:Essay )
  • GitHub ( just my   instance, for now )
  • Wikis ( WardsWiki ; Meatball ; CommunityWiki ; ... )
    • wikipedia:WikiBooks
  • other DebateGraph maps (see "Related maps")

This Idea is linked to a few topLevelTopic Ideas.

As this Map grows, access to components is increasingly important.  At present ...

  • access to parts of a rapidly growing map may be more efficient via external bookmarks from an Outliner like Diigo or Dynalink
  • pageView seems an effective way of viewing pages

... both of the preceding suggestions will change as content designs change and this map is inter-connected with others in DebateGraph.

  • devise a colorLegend for this Graph.  Ideally its colors should relate to the existing Idea colors used by the software.  Also consider the R G B TpT TtT TnT relationships :ToDo
  • review this page by working down thru its references

^ Private maps are available / DebateGraph.Home

^ External links used by this DebateGraph may be available via Comments (e.g. GitHub}

^ ( T172 T2019q4 ).s♤ 2021q4

^ Comment(s) ( is an Indicator ).


202?-Ð( 丑 )
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