iType = Information

In the future ( 2020-2029 ):

  • ...
  • Information Integration breakthroughs are becoming apparent.
  • The robust capabilities of this environment will have increasing appeal.
  • Indent command seems disruptive by closing the page.
  • Collaboration efforts among various DebateGraphs.
  • Plan to introduce TiddlyTweeter
  • re-structure some of these pages as MilliContexts ...
    • ( i.e. Mili... Micro... Pico... Nano... )
    • the 5Ws may be a form of MicroContext that can be supported by Templates.
      • as might exist for each of these Scale levels.
      • Perhaps Milli 》Micro 》 Nano 》 Quto ?
  • Integration of various Knowledge repos and interRepo pathway(s) development.
    • ideally as efficient workFlows
  • As Ideas gain popularity, they are more likely to evolve into Featured Pages that warrant registration.
  • Eventually, the resulting Pages that emerge should support proper, informed Debate(s).
    • Should the RoadMap(s) be linked?
  • I will need to qualify my main areas of interest as "Canadian" (likely with a *.ca" suffix.
    • this will depend on the effectiveness of emerging searchStrings that span the Contexts that are being worked in.
  • RoadMapTmon might be a useful idea. Test it as a Context based navigation tool.
    • as a .search target, this can be expressed as RmTmoTn where:
      • Rm= R(oad) m(ap) T(ime) mo(nth) n(ext)
        • consider: TmoTn & Tmon



  • Pages should be designed for Email and Print use, implying ...
    • related Notes should be separate Ideas.
  • Each Idea might evolve to become a Context that includes standard Components, like ...
    • N(otes)
    • a (road)map
    • the "5Ws" pertaining to itself
    • ...


2018.07: The Bubble graph I used in the past seems absent.

  • switching to ... > down > N levels seems effective (and perhaps even better)
  • map displays now seem to be static while the details page alters onClick.
  • ranking the relative importance of Links seems to be a casualty.



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