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Outline the 2023 work

'outline the 2021 projects
involve Dpl (for Factory funding} to the extent agreeable to Gsd
help delegation to Jcl
continue Review presentation training for Lze & Cjv
CurbSide, is very attractive as half of a GuID
CoVid19 passports have finally increased the prevalence of QR readers.
The plethora of new Identity Cards / Tokens creates opportunities to link them ...
ethically, jhust on behalf of a Subject, with the rights to..

await the 2020 response
review the 2019 work components
Incorporate the claim proceeds into the tax planning work

2020-q1: 2019.12.: more attention is needed
document the s.stringsH work for at least EdD and a GgH post.
( 2019-03 ).s
2019.09.: Restart this cycle for 2019.
Record the three questions here.
review the Dashboard material
apply3X3 as a methodology.
post this URL to DynaList for an easy return that can be prioritized via dnDrop

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