W(ork) i(n) P(rogress) ; iType = Plan ; DoTye

2024-01-11: considering refinements to the current styles for specific demonstration Audiences. 

  •  One set of considerations should be based on Author productivity.
    •  Device constraints may need attention.

2023-12-14: "Tda" is preferred  over ".da" in this environment due to frequency of use in other partsof the system.  The testing and Quantification of this will need to be summarized for EdD2023.

  • This should cascade onwards to Twe, Tfo, Tmo, Tqu, Tye to fiill out the F2023 summaries.
  • ...


2023-01-08: ...

2021-07-25: Tda:

  • ⑴兹 deployed into DiigoH


2019.12.: Consider the effects of accumulating personal information within the Cloud

PGP may be part of the solution by getting as far as possible off the path of least resistance for any Attack vectors.

Note the Relationship type between the WiP ideas.

  • make lists of Search terms that are useful in this environment.
    • remember that DynaList may be a superior methodology
    • Try to use Named and Saved pages more.
  • Make more use of Pointer and Equivalence cross-links to improve navigation.
  • Ensure a effective understanding of In v. Out links.
  • Review the Cross-links materials to understand how to do this as well as possible.
  • Note.Equivalence seems to allow a type of "toMany" mapping.


  • review Enemy of the State


Try my Flow symbol

  • workFlow could be a combination of my Work and Flow symbols
  • Explain WayH in a manner that ...
    • demonstrates initial Uncertainty
    • adequately tracks the systematic Work needed to resolve it
    • summarizes the Achievements
  • ... priorArt should be retained as supporting documentation.
    • This should show a "methodical" approach.

Add ...

  • Mormon - there is a BookOfMormon
    • ... at TiddlyHost: ( ... )
  • Blackwell
  • Jamestown

Monitor ...

  • RecentEdits to
    • find interesting Maps that I can learn from
    • ensure I retain easy access to this map
  • Consider a different D or a sigil since the current symbol sorts within the latin alphabet.

 Failed ...

  • to set another Named view ( TnT )

keep extending the use of s.type

  • apply this refinement to a member of each Idea type first.
  • other searchTargets are likely to be every bit as useful.



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