TnH = 2024-02-1?
gDate (-dd) = jDateDD = pastMMx20 + gDateDD+3 in -09- ; "When" iType ; Date of likely next Edit.; TdaT NamesTda
  • it was time to reName this Idea.
  • 2021-09-0 could be updated to a constant string that means current Date
    • As opposed to nextFullDate
      • Consider .daTt
    • The currentName implies .fo for a very old year.
  • Credentials ( in general ) still need a lot of work.  Areas to consider include:
    • PobTob as an enduring
    • PorBor as a chaining mechanism.
    • ...



consider the implications of TiddlyMap under Tw5.2.0
starting to interface to this environment with Hypothesis
Trimming this content to reduce scrolling.
It should be easy to transfer Microzcontent into this ConText via two browser windows.
Maintain a single Idea that accumulates short items that can be posted Daily.
2020.05:( AdManCaFi )
TdaTt TweTt Tfo ; ( consider Significance ) ; TmoT
2020.02.0?: ...
Pages like this ( which are reached from an external bookmark ) could have a Context that is useful for Navigation
Improve via SysH since TabH has dysfunctional formatting
Monitor the new Canada graph
Minor update edits should be made daily since this triggers the change report.
(my) rulesOfEngagement:
. Defer the majority of the points by limiting the discussions I initiate to just two points.
2019.12.27: ...
.16: check the tTn values
.strings.s are likely to need refinements and extensions if they are used to aggregate information more.
In effect, stringSyllables may be needed, in the same ways proposed for wikiSyllables
Determine if Edit counts are a function of device since TabH edits seem ignored.
It seems not, but it is apparent that some edits are not included in Counts.
Perhaps only distinct page edits are counted.
the Article view seems to provide a richer Context.
Add the Ideas from the harvesting pages.
Review the Nurses material. Perhaps I can use the Ontario changes as a contribution.
outdent the following line
Wikipedia links
consider Collaboration
An attempt to create a NewPage failed on TabH
consider this as a WiP investment that stores items that catch my attention
The Julian date (e.g. _342) is the next expected Activity date.
"I would rather give my most valuable Idea to my firest competitor, than see it languish in neglect."
 Conclusions ( WIP ) ...
Assume Dated material that is not yet completed will eventually be incorporated into a Topic.
Chronological (and Reverse ...) order use will need to be formalized.
Material transferred to dedicated pages (e.g. ... ; TtHN ; 2017-06 ; ... ).
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