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T(ime) p(ast) T(his time) type = constraint

This Ð(ebateGraph 2017-) ...

... is part of an effort to better visualize Current[ TtT = T(ime) t(his) T(ime) ] Activities, Events, Interests  and Knowledge.  This includes...

  • accumulating a lot of content
  • presenting content in a context of extracted information and linking to its source
  • interfacing to rich media resources in other environments
  • ...

Consider the use of a Lede(zone) and Drop(zone) of each page that is a level of a text cascade.

Ideally, this DebateGraph software can be used in broader contexts than just those of a Debate; hopefully even extending into the areas of Ontology.

This Node may also contain items to "reVisit", as well as a Revisions history like ...

  1. 戌-03-:
    1. adding contextual workflows into these maps increase Context needs :Findings
    2. ... :Conclusions
    3. ... :Recommendations
  2. 戌-02-: a start at gathering facts for debates of potential issues.
  3. 酉-02-: Reviewed Idea types to test RGB mappings for Tp(ast)[red] Tt(his)[green] Tn(ext)[blue]
  4. 酉: attempt to understand how to apply the many "Idea types"


  • DebateGraph's Search capabilities are quite fast, making it effective to use sTrings consistently in ...
    • Google Keep
    • TiddlyWiki
    • Diigo
    • ...
  • This becomes part of a NamesH policy.







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