Population Dynamics

Population Dynamics


Ensure an enabling and supportive environment for older persons[16]


Adolescent girls have access to safe, age-appropriate health and nutrition information and services and possess the confidence they need to make healthy transitions to adulthood[17]



Ensure that older persons are integrated into the development process and are poised to be an asset rather than a burden to society.


Reduce the number of girls who become pregnant before age 18 by 50% by 2030. Nearly 13 million adolescent girls give birth each year in developing countries.

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Promote enabling and supportive environments for older persons. It is imperative that ageing issues are included in national development frameworks and poverty-reduction strategies in order to ensure a society for all ages.

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Provide, monitor and evaluate universal access to youth-friendly health information and services, including comprehensive life skills-based sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health, for all girls in and out of school, regardless of marital or pregnancy status.

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Support healthy ageing and economic well-being in old age.

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End harmful traditional practices, including female genital mutilation, for all girls.

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Population Dynamics
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