A way to manage the implicit order while accelerating explicit order
A universal tool for any sector whether public or private and as an individual economic framework for planning, bench marking, monitoring and ensuring the risk associated with running and operating are contained and effective, while isolating the development of changes when improving and again isolating the very diverse and highly regulated development of innovation or transformation.

First order of business;

Remove the misconceptions internal stakeholders have about silos and supply a tool to predict the scenarios or challenge the stakeholders perspective. 

While every organization or agency is unique and no two processes meet the needs of the client, we have intended outcomes we must meet and our language or descriptions may differ, when in fact the outcome is no different. 

 Before we plan we must have a foundation.  Implicit order was described by Joseph Bohm and Dr. Javier Livas presents a way to use a cybernetics viable system models an Identity to Planning parts of the viable system model.  

Identity in cybernetics includes a metamodel or if more advanced you are going to focus on the master data management in minimum viable system model.



Financial Accounts

Each has a series of sub-parts which define the types of relationships consistently.  Strong Natural hierarchies are the types we find most technology experts will object, as will many of the business intelligence and data warehouse persons.  3rd normal form in a formal real world definition or the rules of physical and industry standards according to accounting principles. 

Many people managers have become accustomed to analytical use of hierarchies which promote any structure with or without consistent definitions.  5th normal form

best align with implicit order.

Configuration Management in service management serves the same purpose in Financial Management as subpart, with other dependent super parts like master data management and network or identity services.

Fact Statement

There are no objective research practices proven with children.  In fact, age and culture are further distinguished by economic and familial conditions. The bottom line is no objectivity can be attained and only subjectivity would result. 

If true, machine learning is not objective and only subjective. 

Selfies DO NOT = narcissism if we use the logic in the application of opinions and perspectives. 

A person whose never been poor, can at best empathize with a poor person. 

  • A poor person often has a completely different value system often without wants for self and more often values relationships and environment. 

A person whose never been wealthy, can only imagine the needs of the rich. 

  • We must not apply our known experiences to the poor and expect to form opinions about the poor without a poor person supplying the opinion in the first place.  

Formal Familial Definition Based on Birth Relationships 

Based on DNA or genetic representation of the birth parents to child and birth parents to fraternal and maternal parents as grandparents to the child. 

  • Implicit Order implies the genetic relationship of the birth family
  • Explicit Order implies the explicit relationships formed by variables unique to space and time. 
    • Co parenting or parents who either never married or married and separated whether formally or informally
    • Adoptive parenting whether traditional male and female couples or the most often means for sex couples.
    • Foster Parenting is not as close to either of the before mentioned instead a temporary situation based on a crisis situation
    • Probate parenting based on adult dependencies or grandparents custody of their grandchildren again, in a prevention of crisis scenario.
  • Foster parenting and Probate Guardianship scenarios are highly subjective and based on the person filing and the responding parties ability to meet the courts requirements which are usually foreign and unrealistic. 

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A way to manage the implicit order while accelerating explicit order
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