International EA and BA for Pattern Identification
A common way to approach universal topics across borders, industries and within organizations. Example; a user is a person as an individual with human rights, civil rights and governments at every layer in the geographical hierarchy are based on the location of the person, in a transaction relationship with various business entities.A person must be of legal age to enter into an agreement of any kind. A person is a member of civil society.A person is a memb

What if our early warning from the works "Implicit and Explicit Order" from Joseph Bohm were excused or not really understood by those in the scientific community?  

Issues effecting society went unattended. 

  • Equality
  • Justice
  • Education

 As a result, we have more than a mess, we have systems of messes and few systems with many parts exploding in places we never should have disconnected.  The industrial revolution created economic growth, by reductionist thinking.  Dr. Deming attempted to warn us, with the Data>Information>Knowledge>Wisdom DIKW hierarchy and System of Profound Knowledge.

As an individual person with a unique identity, each person must be responsible for any agreements regarding their role in civil society and any trade/commerce engaged as a consumer or person as an agent of an organization or agency. 

We have a number of facts or real world requirements which we suggest addresses a gap which was suggested in a much smaller scale by Joseph Bohm in his later stage of work "implicit and explicit order".  He specifically suggested the harms to society which needed to distinguish between implicit and explicit order. 

Information based on implicit order serves as the foundation which would require multi-agency and cross sector governance models with complete transparency, including change management and record retention. 

Explicit order structured by three types of business models enable us to be consistent across space and time.

Moving beyond what we know to include two areas most executives are anxious to have better visibility into during the planning and execution stages. 

Managing the types of resources and return on investment as unique to each change project and again unique to each innovation.  Moving these types of business outcomes to their own business model ensures we avoid pain points like invoice holds, which seem like revenue opportunities when in fact they are not going to bill until somewhere in the future. 

Enabling three different business models allows the organization and agencies to apply different risk responses based on the behaviors not known to many of the operational type resources. 

Isolating complexity as the risk requires different behaviors in conflict with normal operations.   

  • Transform and Innovate - (30) a long term investment and slower time to returns 
  • Change and Improve - (20) a model which leaders (without authority) and people managers introduce the changes based on strategy or feedback loops. 
  • Run and Operate - (10) our current model which most organizations and agencies currently meet the needs of the business strategy.

Big Data infers the measurable case of not having "implicit" instead we focus "explicit" as the only world we know.

  • An implicit order as described by David Bohm in the later part of his life serves as a foundation for the explicit orders benefit or perhaps the reference by which explicit actions were taken in different places without limits on the way the actions will produce. 
  • personal cloud-where each person could realize self determination and manage their reputations for economic and social benefits, which are also the persons responsibility and in no way possible with our use of technology and specifically our advances in the same.  We have lost in our world and hence the breakdown of society in all parts of the world and all parts of life.  

See the tourism and grant funding requirement where only NGOs from within the under-developed parts of the world can apply. 

If the underdeveloped persons have no knowledge of the harms, they will not be likely to deliver solutions. 

Remove all practices where data collection occurs or has no prior informed consent for each use;

  • stop all practices with risk for financial material sustainable accounting board standards or implications for the filing of form K10

Business workers - human rights threats for any organizations or agencies collection of data related to the identity of any persons; in all its forms; filter all child data "as a rule" destroy the collected information immediately. 

Intead consider a universal communication strategy with the lowest consumption model based on the latest in technology

Reaching half the world with internet is a reachable goal-but does it miss the majority with the greatest need?

Affordability - if the content over a mobile device is always video streaming and the telecommunications providers charge these services as data plan upgrades;

  • Can we meet the needs of the hardest to reach?
  • Can we expect the poorest to afford access when we cannot secure the delivery?

Granted we may have hardest to reach populations who are not involved in birth registration, which is a gap we can address in the context of meeting the needs of these hard to reach regions. 


If we cannot enforce the law, we must avoid all practices associated with and at risk to expose the people who are not yet online or these numbers will increase dramatically. 

Underdeveloped parts of the world are not equipped to combat these known threats, which are not being managed in the developed world. 

Our current advances in technology have superceded the human capacity to know the known threats, enforce the laws designed to protect and governments are not accountable to protect civil society when commercial interest are involved.  

People lack the skills and wisdom is limited; therefore we are not meeting the needs of people. 

  • Combat the health and safety risk in all parts of the world

Enforce accountability on any business organization or agency who fails to protect the rights of a child, as a human rights indicator.  

  • Govern those allowed to research children.
  • Govern the way we acquire and deliver information in all its forms by age segments. 

Acquisition of parental consent may be a factor which we apply at the platform and design content and offers consistently with the understanding of threats we must avoid. 

Streaming video to a user under age, is a service applied by a provider or the supplier of a service.  

  • Yet, the application claims to be free. 

All service providers (Telecommunications service providers) charge additional fees for the video associated with gaming, music and videos AND advertisements.  The free component is a false statement.   

  • Why would I pay any mobile provider who claims my use of AN APPLICATION (SaaS) on a mobile device which I acquired from a play store under the assumption of FREE can be charged by an unrelated supplier? 
  • I have no way to know a game is a video and then assume video effects my data plan? 
    •  My pictures of the way a mobile device looks when its running or using my plan minutes or data.
      • Includes a screen shot of how it erases the evidence on my device

Then to make matters worse, you have spying which violates my rights and fails to protect me from harm.  I'm going to pay for your ability to spy on me?  Has anyone considered the logic in these matters?

If we read the research from Facebook and others, we learn that the needs of the hardest to reach will rely on these services which are fee based on limit the persons we are trying to reach. 

  • Rights of people
    • Rights of parents in dual or co-parenting situations-restoring children by enabling access to both parents and grandparents

How about the game changing game where we inspire people to change the game?




An outsider has less of a chance to meet the criteria of trust, often has a barrier in their understanding around culture and language unique to the persons in these populations. 

A youth who has both capacity and passion to learn could overcome these barriers, when they are rewarded for respecting their culture and heritage with their outcomes as part of the value and rewards for meaningful work. 

A women who has access to economic resources without forcing personal debt can be empowered with focused human development, networked with others who share the same values and supported by those who can influence changes which transform our unequal systems of delivery.  

An older worker may volunteer or find themselves in need of a new career path as they enter into the later stages of their careers. 

culture and social factors we might derive in part by first segmenting the economic factors, then environmental factors associated with the persons physical location on the planet.  

Prior informed consent - a key requirement for all persons in a legal capacity or business entity relationship with civil society and any requirement which must be met in order to meet the criteria of considering a consumer or customer. 

A person must be of sound mind, of legal age and both parties must be acting in good faith. 

Many children; as young as 2 years old will use a mobile device. 

The patterns we must understand are associated and can be derived in a number of ways. 

a) We rarely apply the economic segment rule to our understanding of a population or target audience. 

b) While research may prove as a viable way to deliver change to a group of persons;

We (business delivery to civil society) rarely meets the objective research criteria in operating, changing or transforming a business.  Hence the ethical questions and human rights conversations which are socially responsible.  

bias exist beyond the expected bias rule

a limitation exist

will find in the children of this age, are higher income and rarely would a young child in a middle or low income population have access to devices.  

Rwanda - Internet for all was delivered, partially.  The internet "yes", the shortfall in the delivery was associated with the devices required to connect to the internet. 

Our aspirations are far greater than the reality.  We must protect first, with an expectation to meet the exceptions accordingly.

Protecting children online should aspire to ensure every application developed for young people or babies, has a way to ensure parental consent. 


We have yet to effectively delivery the concept in any part of the world. 

Innovation - Social Media - a child centered social media platform with international audiences has successfully met the criteria from unofficial attempts to gain access to the childrens social media environment.  The non-technical attempts to penetrate the user registration process, failed consistently. 

A social media platform for kids; opens the door to a concept of a marketplace or user interface which all other technical capabilities are brought to the users, based on the SM platform of the users choice.  

Ie,... an individuals human rights and civil rights would understand the different vectors associated with a person and their location on the planet. 

A person will always have a physical location associated with the dwelling of a person or residence.  

A person will have unique circumstances associated with the physical location and certain "facts" or ways we can group the persons known relationships with economic, social and environmental vectors.   Known grouping categories true for any person in their environment.  


A geographical information system identification or location code connects a person to the physical world when the person is with or without a device. 

A postal zip code in developed regions has been the most common way to associate a person with their physical residence.  Underdeveloped parts of the world, rural and primarily the lowest income populations are not likely to meet the zip code rule. 

Opportunity - create a global zip code map and apply the rule with a plan to incorporate the zip code to geographical identifier as a choice for the users and use to ensure consistent planning with integration to commerce and trade systems. 

Opportunity - create a common way to group the person as an individual and member of civil society.  Use the same criteria as a way to manage the delivery to the people in ways that promote the safety and health of each person in responsible ways.  Business, organizations, and agencies from both public and private sectors to civil society.  Community involvement begins with understanding the population in a community.  Boundaries which people have from different cultures, genders, and ages are vectors with economic segmentation vectors equally important in regard to the delivery and governing the rights of people.  

A tribal territory or reservation (land locked regions) often has another layer of legal and often DOES NOT meet the "expectations of developed parts of the world".  Developing regions have a biodiversity and connection with the planet we in developed parts of the world have not been conditioned to understand. 

The hardest to reach are often hard to reach, by design and default in our differences.  We may feel these persons are in need of things they simply do not value.  

  • Money as an example. 
  • Self centered desires as another example.

Tribal or indigenous persons are focused on the needs of the community and barter systems exist in liue of commerce.  We can derive patterns for the purpose of delivering vital services to these communities by respecting the value parts of the conversation.  The way we in developed parts of the world may value or associate wellness may be in complete conflict with the underdeveloped parts of the world, who in fact are the persons with wisdom we fail to acquire in our education, social and familial relations.

A child of the age of 2 years old, cannot determine nor should a parent be expected to understand the depth of change we have imposed using technology. 


parents in applied use of technology with mobile devices specifically.  

Strategy and Commons working group on SDGs for Climate and Heads of State


International EA and BA for Pattern Identification
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