Transforming the World - A strategy
An outcome of the negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals

If the global brain is the way ICTs power the internet, we might want to understand the way the Technology component has common components or has the potential to use a standard set of tools and templates if we adopt a cloud strategy.  

However, we need to understand the cloud in a way that segments the way we enable universal standards for Regulatory and Management Systems versus the Web 2.0 practices we find evident in technology standards such as OMG or NIST.

Examples we might use to help us understand the current state situation

Innovating Women - the crowd sourcing use case which produced a book and stories from women in innovation. 

the same means of implementation if we structure our information and rethink our communications delivery system.  

Global Strategy to improve the lives of people and the consumption of resources associated with the ecosystem and natural bio-diversity on the planet.

Every person has only one physical self and in our current over-production from Pulling data to Push and Validate. 

where the results are low quality and massive virtual representations in many sites without any common or controlled management of the collection methods, the transport protocols nor do we have a way to hold the countless orchestration of the data collection, distribution nor any monitoring beyond what the workers know from word of mouth. 

The hard truth about the lack of enforceable policies; we cannot control the policy to execution journey in any company or any part of the world. 

To compound the wickedness of the situation, we seem to have lost touch with motivation and employee ethical response to business scenarios.  

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Transforming the World - A strategy
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