Cross Cutting Service Roles - Service Offers
Shared Services enable consistent and sustainable services supplied by communities in order to meet the unique needs of the population and commerce or trade decisions.

This node intends to highlight the types of work which are universal in all parts of the world, across industries and every enterprise.  

First, lets understand the way a business process can translate into a service transforming from a complex business model to a Service Management Model. 

If we start with Business Process 1 from APQC "Design Vision and Strategy" would ideally include A minimum viable system model begins with the Identity of any organization or agency.  Assume the output feeds into the Planning phase.  Any create, update or archive task for a customer, supplier and any items of any type including bundled offers and any new financial accounts are sub-systems of the management type.  No single function nor any business group at any agency or organization has the authority to create. update or archive and especially no deletions would be made for any of these management capability records.   We must recognize the dependency on each subsystem as every transaction will have a point in time reference data from the management records on every expense or revenue transaction.  Current Master Data and all Big Data solutions have failed to segment the management from transactional capabilities. 


The Identity>Planning work from A Minimum Viable System Mode infers the scope associated with key controls and are highly regulated.  This model promotes governenance by design.  This proposal is an example of Business as Unusual based on the information engineering and scaling minimum viable system components into five capabilitiesl three sub-systems within the Identity

One opportunity would potentially transition from many organizations collecting party and creating items with a global and buy sell entities which are item suppliers instead of complex contractual business models with high risk.

Examples; Small Businesses would benefit if they "avoid" risk associated with collecting and managing party records. 

In a marketplace, the information is read and protected.  A federated service supplies a search feature from a master data reference store of any legal entities in the geographical area.  One master data store, which one organization has the role of a trustee and steward.  

without the effort to maintain master records. 

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Cross Cutting Service Roles - Service Offers
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