2. Agriculture and Food Security

Focus area 2. Sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition

A large number of proposals in the e-Inventory put forward specific goals on food and agriculture. These can be split into three broad categories: food sovereignty and empowerment; sustainable agriculture; and hunger and nutrition. Nevertheless, the degree of overlap between these categories and the large number of apparent interlinkages at the target level reveals the cross-cutting nature of the issue and its centrality to overall framework.    

Food Sovereignty and Empowerment


Food sovereignty[6]


Support and empower farmers to create a sustainable agriculture[7]



Adopt food sovereignty as policy framework towards adequate, safe, nutritious food for all.

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Farmers in the developing world can become as productive as those in the developed world - while supporting continuous gains in sustainability for all.

sustainable consumptionequality

Policies and investments to support small-scale farmers, women producers, and workers.

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Re-commit to empower farmers via support to knowledge sharing and accessible, quality extension in farm management and marketing.

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Secure access to (and protection of) the water, land, soils, biodiversity.

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Supportive frameworks for investment in infrastructure and inclusive markets.

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Work with farmers and other actors across the value chain to address not just food waste, but also food

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2. Agriculture and Food Security
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