NCLB - Poor Quality and Poorest with highest density and minority
Children of color and their associated risk like highest crime, highest teen pregnancy and parents without a high school diploma are compounded by the low quality education and worst possible impacts or protections by unions for teachers with tenure.

A) School administration into districts, into the county and beyond to the state department of education are not held accountable for the problems contributing to the NCLB under-performing PI schools. 

A.i. The county redirected funding allocated to the poorest and under-performing despite 1998 legislation which defined the 12 zip codes in our county for re-purposed or unspent funds and specific purpose of the NCLB funding. Unable to enforce law and no accountability for funding regulations.

A.ii. Bring attention to the matter with the local planning council was met with "if we use all the money for the poor kids, they'll be nothing left for anyone else in the county"

B) In some cases the violation of children's human and civil rights are a direct result of the under performing district and schools attempts to address the issue in response to improvement plans. 

B.i. Rather than hire counselors the schools hire off duty police who criminalize middle school students for offenses like "offending an officer".  pushing them into the justice system by forcing them to associate with gangs. Students are interrogated using tactics used by police with adult interactions and arrest.  Not allowing a student to leave the room until the officer has repeatedly asked the same question in many ways.  

B.ii. The off duty police profile the students while employed by the department of education funded by the national, state and local education budgets and in conflict with the civil rights regulations all grant awardees commit to protect. 

B.iii. The creation of small schools within the school has resulted in "forced segregation" and a hostile environment where teachers who fail to meet the standards threaten and degrade the students not attending the small schools with comments like "if you could learn and pass the test you could be wearing your normal clothes instead of a uniform like those kids", "if you learned you could have McDonald's for lunch" or other degrading comments. 

C) The parents choice option for charter schools as an alternative has rarely been allowed by the districts, even when the signatures from the parents in the district were supplied as a backup. 

C.i. The hiring of the nations top charter school development firm, which comprised staff with master degrees from two universities including one from an ivy league and another from an accredited university and majoring in education, was denied by persons who have failed for more than 30 years to reach these populations. 

C.ii. The district opponents and critics had no equal qualification from any person and fact the parents attended the board room speaking for more than 3 hours about the need to approve the application was of no value to the districts board.  

B) Schools which are not performing have the authority to determine the parent rights component and surrounding districts have the option to deny a request to attend a performing school. 

B.i. Parents have a right to have their child tutored in cases where the school hasn't met the performance improvement requirements after two years of failed performance. The funding to transport the students was also promised and never delivered.

B.ii. Schools which do not perform add hours before school for the same under-performing teachers to tutor the students they are not reaching. 

B.iii. The attendance and tardiness of students in these schools is a known barrier for students, adding an earlier time to arrive is unlikely to produce any desired results.  Little has ever been recorded. 

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NCLB - Poor Quality and Poorest with highest density and minority
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