WSIS From Vision to Action
From vision to action. We believe that these five changes are the right, smart, and necessary thing to do. But their impact will depend on how they are translated into specific priorities and actions.

We realized that the vision would be incomplete unless we offered a set of illustrative goals and targets to show how these transformation changes could be expressed in precise and measurable terms.

  • This illustrative framework is set out in Annex I, with more detailed explanation in Annex

II. We hope these examples will help focus attention and stimulate debate.

  • The suggested targets are bold, yet practical.
  • Like the MDGs, they would not be binding, but should be monitored closely.

The indicators that track them should be dis aggregated to ensure no one is left behind and targets should only be considered ‘achieved’ if they are met for all relevant income and social groups.

  • We recommend that any new goals should be accompanied by an independent and rigorous monitoring system, with regular opportunities to report on progress and shortcomings at a high political level.
  • We also call for a data revolution for sustainable development, with a new international initiative to improve the quality of statistics and information available to citizens.
  • We should actively take advantage of new technology, crowd sourcing, and improved connectivity to empower people with information on the progress towards the targets.

Taken together, the Panel believes that these five fundamental shifts can remove the barriers that hold people back, and end the inequality of opportunity that blights the lives of so many people on our planet.

  • They can, at long last, bring together social, economic and environmental issues in a coherent, effective, and sustainable way.

Above all, we hope they can inspire a new generation to believe that a better world is within its reach, and act accordingly.

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WSIS From Vision to Action
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