Issue 4: 5th Normal Form - Private Sector Financial Integrity
Inability to effectively design key controls in applications used during operations.Excessive time to consolidate and close the books to report on the performance to external stakeholders. Missed due dates with the SECInability to segregate duties with too many shadow IT applications

Issue 4;

We lack consistent structure and as a result fail to apply the users experience into our technology solutions and delivery models adding complexity and introducing incomplete or inaccurate information.  5th normal form is a term used to explain the type of issues which cause over stated performance or understated cost. 

Governing the physical to virtual or digital worlds-design for the users experience and apply local preference at the local level. 

  • Vectors as a way to segment and establish implicit to explicit rules in the structure of implicit and explicit order and the associated architecture domains and platforms.
  • Planet - Any place on the planet, assume the following are common ways people want to group and assume these are facts universally. 
    • Level 0 International

      • Level 1 Continent

      • Level 2 Countries/Nations

        • Level 3 States and territories
      • Level 4 City or Township or Reservation
        • Leaf Node GIS Code or Zip Code

Truth Statement; Values in each level are static and rarely change with strong change control

Truth Statement; Every value in each level of the hierarchy from lowest leaf node to the top has a one to one rule

  • Each zip code has only parent city,  which can only have a single county and the county a single state, and a state a single nation and nation a single continent in a single world.  
    • No rare instances exist with the one to one relationships from the bottom up
  • Each Nation has more than one state, each state has more than one county, each county more than one city and more than one zip code
    • In very rare situations a one to one relationship exist from top down. 

as we know in the physical world we rarely change a city, county, state or nations name and assigned codes would rarely change either.  

If we fail to adopt the implicit order in the physical world we fail to supply value in the virtual and digital.  

  • Strong and Natural hierarchies are the only types we use in financial transactions, as the 5th normal formal produces inaccurate and/or incomplete results.  All financial transactions are subject to strong governance beyond the organization or agencies span of control.  The corporate policies apply to all organizations and regulations apply to agencies. 
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Issue 4: 5th Normal Form - Private Sector Financial Integrity
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