Research interests »Research interests
Charmaine Dean »Charmaine Dean
Diego Bassani »Diego Bassani
Ian Lewis »Ian Lewis
Prabhat Jha »Prabhat Jha
Kevin Brown »Kevin Brown
1b Forecast disease and mortality levels »1b Forecast disease and mortality levels
02 COVID mortality forecasting »02 COVID mortality forecasting
06 Daily air pollution and mortality »06 Daily air pollution and mortality
Naveed Zafar Janjua »Naveed Zafar Janjua
Mark Loeb »Mark Loeb
David Fisman »David Fisman
Ashleigh Tuite »Ashleigh Tuite
Sharmistha Mishra »Sharmistha Mishra
Beate Sander »Beate Sander
CANMOD – Infectious Disease Data Digitization »CANMOD – Infectious Disease Data Digitization
23/11/13 Kevin Brown »23/11/13 Kevin Brown
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