Agent-based models

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Research interests »Research interests
Agent-based models
Simulation »Simulation
Advancing agent-based simulation scalability »Advancing agent-based simulation scalability
Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS) »Localized Epidemiological Agent-Based Simulation (ABS)
Cheryl Waldner »Cheryl Waldner
Nathaniel Osgood »Nathaniel Osgood
Agent-based »Agent-based
04 Robust Agent-Based and Network Infectious Disease Models »04 Robust Agent-Based and Network Infectious Disease Models
pathogen.jl »pathogen.jl
Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks »Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks
2021/11/02 Joshua Epstein »2021/11/02 Joshua Epstein
2022/08/02 Compositional methods for health modeling »2022/08/02 Compositional methods for health modeling
2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner »2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner
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