08 Contact tracing
This project aims to develop models and analyses that incorporates the processes of diagnosis of symptomatic individuals and contact tracing to address important issues relevant to outbreak control: tracing delays; tracing resource allocation among regions with different prevalence or growth rate; adherence of individuals to isolation and to disclosure of contacts; vaccine coverage levels.
  • Contact tracing has been used as one of the major non-pharmaceutical interventions to counteract the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Efficacy of contact tracing relies not only on the tracing protocol and infrastructure, but also on a concurrent program of diagnosis of symptomatic individuals, in order to detect as many infection chains as possible.
Lead: Jianhong Wu (York University)

Team Members: Helene Guerin, Jeanette Jansen, Kumar Murty, Juxin Liu, Felicia Magpantay, Manuel Morales, Ashleigh Tuite, Mamadou Yauck


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08 Contact tracing
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