Fred Brauer - In Memoriam
Fred Brauer, professor emeritus, died on 17 October 2021 in Vancouver, BC.

In Memoriam: Fred Brauer [1]

  • “Fred Brauer, professor emeritus, died on 10-17-2021 in Vancouver, BC. Fred obtained his PhD in 1956 at MIT and was a member of our department 1960-996. He served as department chair 1979-1982. Mathematics Genealogy lists 7 Madison PhDs advised by Fred from 1965 to 1997. His interests were in the mathematical modelling of epidemiological problems and population systems, with emphasis on the dynamical system aspects and approaches.
  • Most recently Fred and his wife Esther lived in Vancouver, where he was an honorary fellow at University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He continued to publish up until very recently, including papers on the spread of viral epidemiology and COVID-19, found at Tablet Magazine. He also was co-author of Mathematical Methods in Epidemiology, written jointly with Carlos Castillo-Chavez and Zhilan Feng.”
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Fred Brauer - In Memoriam
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