01 Contact Mixing and Optimal Decision Making
The project aims to develop a comprehensive modelling approach that integrates key heterogeneities by age, setting, immunization status, geographical locations and a generalized intervention package accounting for evolving pharmaceutical treatment and vaccination, non-pharmaceutical interventions, diagnostic testing, contact tracing, and case isolation.
  • This approach will also be utilized for a broad spectrum of risk assessment, preparedness planning, reopening measures and optimization, scenario analysis and intervention evaluation.

Leads: Jianhong Wu (York University, Toronto), Kumar Murty (Fields Institute, Toronto) and Shengyuan Michael Chen (York University, Toronto)

Team Members: Amy Greer, Fred Brauer, Dongmei Chen, Jane Heffernan, Jude Kong, Doug Manuel, Ashleigh Tuite, Michael Wolfson

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01 Contact Mixing and Optimal Decision Making
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