Issue 1: Default the Facts
Private and public organizations and agencies must be accountable to the users rather than open the doors to workaround the controls for protecting children online as an example. The platform claims it is for users 14 and older. Yet, advertised last year that 10 years and up were using the platform.

Issue 1;

We currently do not recognize the rights of a child and a parental responsibility which implies the prior informed consent was not attained nor in good faith. 

The outcomes are higher expectations on parents without the applied support in technology and no visibility.

  • The implied text without the actual implementation in the software/service - perception of protection without the safeguards implied by law. 
    • Few companies have met the COPPA requirements in the US
    • Few companies have met the EU standards of prior informed consent

Segmenting people by age groups enables us to be less fine grain producing greater value to the users who have a default to their physical location, which includes the expanding views when chosen. 

A template for planning, operating and monitoring the people in a community or any other level of the hierarchy by using the implicit order while experiencing the reality of the explicit order.  

A generic set of grouping tactics to leverage what we know and not re-invent the wheel.Corporate Sustainable Development implies social responsibility results in Sustainable Development.  A tool to remind and revisit the system view in all projects as a means to implementation and security for children online.  The insight maker tool enables students to use a template to model scenarios based on local variable

A default to a physical location ensures the environmental factors associated with communities specifically cultural needs like language, currency or commerce and trade, familial and social life and safety and health. 

All known factors about these aspects of a persons life are governed and determined locally. 

Users are not going to know where you house or how you run operations.  To expect users to adapt to the whims of your workers is an unreasonable expectation of any reasonable person. 

Why ensures consistent leverage points and persons who do not need the information a known fact and we collect "inaccurate" or "null" instead of defaulting the fact for the users and applying the logic of presented information or content on the basis of the facts.

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Issue 1: Default the Facts
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