Spreading the word
How can we increase the number of people acting on this knowledge resource? Aggregating this library of information and ideas is one challenge. An even larger challenge is to attract people to view this information weekly in the same numbers as watch pro football or TV shows like American Idol.

Every day we are bombarded with advertising that invites us to shop, visit banks, buy different goods and services or watch movies and TV shows. Millions of dollars are spent each day to gain "eyeballs" and "traffic".

Non profits do not have this kind of money. Thus what are the ideas we can apply to build the number of people who visit our knowledge libraries, learn and then become personally or organizationally involved in one or more tutor/mentor programs.

The graphic above shows how individuals can reach out to people they know and invite them to become part of learning circles. Evangelist do this all the time.  We have aggregated a wealth of information. Now how do we build more attention? 

Our public awareness strategy maps show ways we have been approaching this. This section on "role of leaders" and these leadership blog articles add more thinking on this subject.
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Spreading the word
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