Who could be helping
A variety of talents are required in any city to build and sustain a strategy like this.
This map represents the talent needed to build and sustain a network like the Tutor/Mentor Connection or to support the Tutor/Mentor Institute from an international team basis.

The yellow nodes are key categories and the secondary nodes represent related talents. Until we put names and faces of committed people into each node we'll be less successful with our efforts than we want to be.

Such talent maps could be used by any community to build the team needed to support these ideas and to help youth from their own community move from birth to work.

If we know what skills are needed how can we teach more people to consistently encourage people in their own networks to become part of these discussions so they are motivated to volunteer their time, talent and even dollars in one of the categories on this map?

The RED circle could be any person. Each day news media remind us of problems in our communities that government has not been able to solve. Individuals, faith groups, private sector organizations could do much to surround youth with extra learning, mentors and safe places in non-school hours. They could also do much to provide jobs for youth and parents.  They could learn from what others are doing in different parts of the world and apply these ideas to what they try to do in their own communities. Perhaps if enough people were taking these roles elected leaders would find ways to help them.
Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
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Who could be helping
The vIsioning process »The vIsioning process
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