Accelerating the flow of resources
How to accelerate the flow of resources? As more people become volunteers, donors, advocates and/or leaders helping one or more tutor/mentor programs we can build the the resources necessary on a daily, monthly and year-to-year basis to maximize the program's impact on young people.
If cities build interactive program locators that include layers of information about all the needed programs and services a youth and family might need from birth to work, volunteers and donors can become shoppers who use this to decide where and how to get involved.  Others can work like leaders in a corporate office constantly innovating new ways to help all programs operate more effectively but with flexible resources that enable them to adjust what they do based on who they serve and what type of organization they are.

Our aim is that there are actions every day that build visibility and draw volunteers and donors to the information we collect, and to the places where this information can be used to help youth grow from first grade to first jobs.

This chart illustrates actions taking place each quarter and repeating from year to year. If such actions are supported by elected leaders, sports starts, movie and recording artists, as well as by youth and volunteers from all walks of life the amount of money and volunteer time available will grow and it will distribute more equitably through the maps to neighborhoods throughout each city where this strategy is in place.
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Accelerating the flow of resources
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