Public Awareness Strategy
What might individuals, organizations, businesses, to increase the number of people looking at this information each day and then becoming volunteers, donors, leaders or advocated in support of one or more tutor/mentor programs.
The graphic below shows quarterly events that could be organized in many cities with the goal of building public awareness, drawing people together, and increasing the flow of volunteers and dollars to youth-learning programs throughout a neighborhood or city.

This page on is a concept map showing the Public Awareness strategy the Tutor/Mentor Connection has been developing in Chicago.  

This set of blog articles show how maps are created following negative news stories in local media, drawing reader attention to tutor/mentor programs and the library of information.

These blog articles show how college interns are creating new ideas and interpretations of T/MC ideas and sharing them with people in their own networks.

This wiki list public awareness ideas we are trying to develop. 
Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
Accelerating the flow of resources »Accelerating the flow of resources
Public Awareness Strategy
Role of Leaders beyond Non-Profit Sector »Role of Leaders beyond Non-Profit Sector
Spreading the word »Spreading the word
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