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Research interests Â»Research interests
Antoinette Ludwig Â»Antoinette Ludwig
Herman W Barkema Â»Herman W Barkema
Jacques BĂ©lair Â»Jacques BĂ©lair
Jane Parmley Â»Jane Parmley
Julie Arsenault Â»Julie Arsenault
Karine Chalvet-Monfray Â»Karine Chalvet-Monfray
Katie Clow Â»Katie Clow
Manisha Kulkarni Â»Manisha Kulkarni
Colin Daniel Â»Colin Daniel
Sarah Otto Â»Sarah Otto
2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner Â»2021/10/05 Nathaniel Osgood & Cheryl Waldner
Ecological Drivers of Spillover Â»Ecological Drivers of Spillover
OMNI – Scientific Advisory Committee Â»OMNI – Scientific Advisory Committee
23/08/19 AARMS-EIDM Summer School on Modelling Infectious Diseases Â»23/08/19 AARMS-EIDM Summer School on Modelling Infectious Diseases
Animal health Â»Animal health
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