EOC Modeling Simulations and Exercises
MfPH will utilize the Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Simulation Facility (ADERSIM) facility housed at York University to develop Emergency Operations Center (EOC) modeling, simulation and exercises.
  • The Network will organize EOC-level expert panel reviews (EPR) for some thematic research projects in general, and COVID-19 modeling in particular. These EPRs will be similar to the decision making process at a typical public health EOC Center (EOC). Network members not participating in the project and experts outside the MfPH network will be brought together with decision makers and relevant end-users to test if thematic project outcomes can be incorporated into public health decision making processes. The first year will focus on: 1) examining how the EOC at different public health agencies were activated and operated during the pandemic; 2) how decisions were made, publicized and so on; 3) developing sample standard exercise scenarios based on the current situation for future training and applications.

Lead: Ali Asgary (York University, Toronto)

Team members: David Fisman, Amy Greer, Nathaniel Osgood, Ashleigh Tuite, Jianhong Wu

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EOC Modeling Simulations and Exercises
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