06 Infection Control during Mass Gathering Events
Mass gatherings (MG) have the potential to facilitate global spread of infectious pathogens. Individuals from disease-free areas may acquire the pathogen while at the mass gathering site, which in turn could lead to its translocation in the originally disease-free zones when individuals return home.
  • This project aims to develop model platforms, simulations and analyses, using Hajj and Olympics as case studies, for the need of immunization to ensure mass gathering events held with minimal COVID-19 infection risk. This project involve collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur for its expertise in Health Economics, Regional Disease Epidemiology.

Leads: Jianhong Wu (York University, Toronto), Edward Thommes (Sanofi)

Team Members: Julien Arino, Ali Asgary, Lydia Bourouiba, Dongmei Chen, Thomas Hurd, Jude Kong, Felicia Magpantay, Ashleigh Tuite, Xiaoqiang Zhao and Sanofi mass gathering infection modeling team

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06 Infection Control during Mass Gathering Events
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