What is DebateGraph?
DebateGraph is an award-winning, cloud-based service that offers individuals and communities a powerful way to learn about, and deliberate and decide on, complex issues.


  • DebateGraph helps communities of any size to externalize, visualize, question, and evaluate all of the considerations that any member thinks may be relevant to the topic at hand – and by facilitating intelligent, constructive dialogue within the community around those issues.

  • Moreover, each public map contributes to, and forms part of an accumulating graph of structured understanding across a growing range of topics, which, as the topics intersect, accelerates and enriches each community's understanding of the topics each is addressing.


  • Thus, for example, separate maps developed by experts on changing weather patterns, population growth and water resources intersect, as cross-links betweeen the maps are added, and the specialized knowledge from different domains comes to be seen to be part of a systemic, curated whole.
  • Similarly, arguments mapped about, say, a proposal to build a wind farm in one location, provide a useful starting resource for people facing the same decision elsewhere in the world.
  • Sharing understanding in a structured and transparent form, allows people to see that their perspectives have been heard and represented in context, to fill any gaps, and to expand upon, improve, and challenge any of the points considered directly – and it does in a highly efficient way that avoids unnecessary repetition and ad hominem attacks, and is constantly open and evolving in the light of new evidence and ideas.
  • The more that people contribute their own insights to the public graph the greater the network benefits for all the communities – and whether the communities are small teams, organizations, network of stakeholders, or societies as a whole, the ability to augment our individual capacity to see clearly and choose wisely in the face of the complex problems we confront today has never been more pressing.
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