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"The tool itself is pretty darn cool... Take a look. It's damn interesting."

David Weinberger (Co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and a Fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society).

"A marvelously powerful environment for collaborative investigation."

Gene Bellinger, Systems Thinking World.

Amanpour on CNN:

BBC Technology
 profiles DebateGraph:  Another way to look at the crisis

The AASL names Debategraph one the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2010, alongside TED, Creative Commons, Prezi and Evernote:

Sciencewise: Can we really have consructuve dialogue online?

The Independent newspaper: Mapping the Contours of Climate Change

"Quite a brilliant idea, Debategraph. It does everything that a pro-democracy technology should do - it enables a wide range of people to rationalise a problem. Once that’s done, elected politicians can make and explain their decisions... It's worth a million consultations, petitions and ‘have your say’ exercises. Crowdsourcing opinion is as easy as crowdsourcing idiocy, and barely more valuable. Crowdsourcing judgment - and this is what Debategraph does - is invaluable."

Paul Evans,

"DebateGraph is... a fascinating demonstration of how interactive graphics can explain, and invite participation, in the sort of issue debates that usually are carried out via articles, essays and speeches. It reveals, in ways I haven’t seen before, how ideas relate to each other in a variety of dimensions... What’s cool here: This tool lets you “see” and engage with ideas, and explore their inter-relationships, very elegantly. Ink-and-paper, or even a dead online graphic, does not invites, or even permit, this kind of thinking. The Debate Graph also invites users to add content and extend the argument."

Craig Stoltz, Top 25 blogger and ex-editor at The Washington Post.

Wyatt Kash, Editor in Chief, Government Computer News:
White House blog highlights public response to open government

"a really interesting and logical way of laying out the issues... The wiki element seems to be particularly helpful enabling collaborative analysis."

Rhona Parry, Ofcom, A New Way of Thinking.


"It’s a really nicely designed tool... and was tested by Downing Street on their website last year following a speech by Tony Blair. The maps can be embedded into blogs posts, which is a useful feature."

John Breslin, Co-founder, and member of the W3C Advisory Committee.

"...something like a DebateGraph could be eminently useful for breaking down a specific rhetorical exchange."

The Economist, Democracy in America.

Deutschlandradio Kultur programme Breitband explores the potential of Debategraph as a conflict resolution tool.

Mind Mapping + Démocratie = Debategraph

Philippe Boukobza, author, and

"Exzellent: debategraph, eine weitere sehr interessante Sicht! "

Cem Basman
, Initator & Co-Founder, StartupWeekend Germany.


Tom Watson, Minister for Transformational Government, Cabinet Office

"Debategraph is a truly fascinating new approach to visually representing and structuring debates about key issues in contemporary society. An interative, multi-layered 'mind map' type tool it also has similarities with a range of other resources online but is implemented in such a neat and elegant way that it is sure to be a valued and much-used resource by organisations and, from our particular perspective, students."

Dr Iain MacLaren, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, National University of Ireland, Galway. Learning Technologies blog.


"Debategraph: anyone who has tried to have a conversation online with a lot of people will welcome any attempt to bring order to the chaos. Debategraph is a wiki debate visualization tool with RSS feeds, open modification, and more."

Nat Torkington, O'Reilly Radar.
"O jornal britânico Independent montou um esquema inovador para discutir as mudanças climáticas."

Alexandre Mansur, Editor de Ciência & Tecnologia da revista Época (uma Parceria com Globo 1) 

"This is a pretty cool widget."

David Roberts, Grist Environmental News and Commentary



"I think this is a fascinating way to look at the issues around climate change — to map the arguments in a manner that conveys the complexity of the issue, and avoids the constant need to restate the obvious. Changes you make here at Hot Topic will be reflected at all other sites embedding the map."

Gareth Renowden author of Hop Topic

 The Guardian's marvellous Datablog: "Sites we like"



Bill McKibben's


Make,Can we live at 350?


Maggie Thauersköld's, The Climate Scam blog

terraeco, France:



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