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i3 Investing in Innovation 
Each grant I looked at had a priority and certain preferences called out.  
Teacher, Leaders and Student performance was a priority in all funding models.  
Programs where early care was included in low income populations, another critical or high score on grants. 
  • Michael Ervick
  • David Hawk - China Construction America
EMAIL To David H
This mail targets the requirement from the re-use opportunity or scale up perspective, with teacher, leader, and student performance option AND a single program to Early Care with scale up AND securing our highest risk population.    
 Webinar Scheduled May 13, 2014
  • $134,800,000 million (est.) to be obligated by December 31, 2014.
  • To generate and validate solutions to persistent educational challenges and to support the expansion of effective solutions across the country and to serve substantially larger numbers of students 
Evidence Based Opportunities
The following materials are step 1 in proving a model Fernando Flores led in 2007 - 2009.  UPS published an extensive paper on the way games are inter-generational learning opportunities.
  • Assume the materials in the presentation offers us the capability view for a foundation to every person in any part of the world.  
  • The results are intended to be private unless shared by the data owner
  • The data truly benefits a person's therefore it might be a good case for something we kept private and intend to share in the future.   
  • The spreadsheet view of any turnaround leader or consortium stakeholder 
  • assume we adopted the **Best High Schools outcome measures across the top of each tab.  
  • Assume prelude shows as the first priority for the reason's shown + the career ready capability we didn't have before.  
**Adopting and re-use
Build on what others have done and federal funding paid for Grant source - Ended 2013 
Tools from last grant funding sponsored by Federal to create tools for high schools - using and re-using to accelerate the transformation instead of recreating. 
  • Industrywide-we have a gap in recruiting for the many open positions across the world
  • In private industry we struggle with measuring performance of our leaders, to employees and struggle to assign the right skill to the right work.  
  • In many cases we have adopted and tried many approaches and struggle consistently with objective performance or cannot predict success probability across borders.   
A teacher whose class has few learners with the same strengths and doesn't influence the students to learn, should be faulted for having little to no skills in influencing skills rather than test scores alone.  We should expect little to no results when we assign students with different skills in the same conext.   
Playprelude could plug in AND offers a building block solution in a consistent and objective "strengths" based model.  The solution allows a universal way to identify peoples strengths for positive interactions.  Parent and educator communications, parent to child during the teen years and basically into careers or conflict situations.   
Imagine having a way to measure teachers fairly, if the teacher strengths are in no way helpful to the students learning needs "we shouldn't fail the students" we should not assign the teacher.  
If that isn't attractive enough think about effective teaming by creating classrooms based on like minded students for classes when a teacher is required or instead of moving students how about moving the teachers to compliment learning styles.   Today, we measure time for graduation.  Tomorrow, we might award based on mastering skills and subjects.   
In Fernando Flores model we heard about the three day workshop. Playprelude offers an online version or in person workshop "hybrid" options for facilitators.    
Fernando opened up labs for 4 months where games were created by attending learners. We have the building block option with as it is in early stages and we are asking for the tool to work in such a concept.    
Improving student, teacher, and leadership
Personalized Learning Support
The spreadsheets created are multi-purpose;
a) a leader assessment against the performance outcomes expected,
b) a way for a leader to assess the teachers against the expected outcomes
c) a way to measure students against the expected outcomes.  
A thirty day plan could be built to test and execute with a small group.  Then 60 day monitor with prepare for broader adoption.  
The recruitment phase of the requirement would identify choice to lead, then compare skills and then take leaders through an EA certification.   Then they go out and implement the same with the tools.  
  • Fernando Flores - eLearning Workshop in person for 3 days and 4 months of labs
  • UPS study on inter-generational learning through games
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