8. Economic Growth
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

The lowest economic sectors are currently a tax debt under social welfare programs.  A overwhelming number of barriers exist in all segments of people. 

 The healthy business practices of many companies fails to include the many while only hiring the few. 

The primary goals are targeting a more inclusive work option in a cooperative where both public and private partnerships are promoted through cooperatives.  Keeping in mind fair labor practices, an outsourced option for companies to propose the innovation they have discovered and students will rationalize the option for viability.  

 Cooperatives are the means of implementation for all target goals and inclusive of the three conceptual framework requirements. 

  1. Universality and Differentiation 
  2. Integration
  3. Transformation

Filters are proposed as

  • Communicability - Using a six sigma format to define a problem in measurable terms, with lean expectations on value to return in measuring the issue we go to the voice of the customer on any returns beyond 80%.  Once benefits are measured we want voice of the customer to analyze the issues, then we seek to improve the current state, which needs to include a control. 
  • Measure Ability and Implementation- Do the targets define a measurable objective in terms of quality and quantity?  Can the targets be easily translated into international, national, regional, states and cities?  International, regional, national, sub-national levels, as applicable.
  • A stakeholder matrix should be crafted to distinguish roles and equal attention should be applied to function versus role in implementation. 
  • The standard RACI tool with a stakeholder matrix by government into academia, financial, service provider and finally to the public sector using the living organization or living enterprise first then small and medium. 
  • Example; International develops the market place and partnerships with both citizens as individuals and organizations or enterprises based on living criteria, followed by the private industry and public sector according to national models.  
  • National models are accountable for the funding in the core including setting monitoring based on objective standards prescribed by international tools.  
  • States are Consulted and view with append to the national goals with additional state data which compliments the national and international goals. Consulted and Informed
  • Cities are smart using the International>National>State>appending locally at each city in "formal" programs or "informal" adjusted and transparent for local needs.  Responsible

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8. Economic Growth
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