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  • Integration and Differentiation - Shared Service Centers in a Socially Responsibility outsourced to local communities
  • Information, Communication and Technology-Identity in a per-cloud for a $1.00 per person with server 
  • Infrastructure as a Service-Hardware Devices and Storage - includes Data at Rest
  • Platform as a Service - Connectivity to telecom or broadband carrier networks includes Data in Motion
  •  A lean use case; today we have new connections being made in our homes
  • Transformation leverage a direct or GIS based "Internet for All" strategy 
  • Transform iCAAN to master domains with Sub-domains 
  • One domain for federal tax and program validations - governance for all branches 
  • Health care and telemedicine - A true cloud with three feeds and a per cloud reverse engineers what we do today to a living organization and living enterprise solution.  
  • Transform   to a per cloud to enable innovation - big data as an example inbound  to  a home for monitoring sustainable living within the contents of the   appliances. A milk carton type and time to purchase.  
  • Transform   technology misuse from software development and defined networks   included as cloud platform (PaaS) to the Infrastructure development   environments through play stores as the connection as defined by   per-cloud.
  • Add networks within a marketplace for the various branches of government to intimacy gradients.

  • Objective Research 
  • Research
  • New - Infrastructure Bank with local financing institutions into cooperatives or commons.  
  • An international chamber of commerce - ideally the ITC transforms to support the small business fast track License in a cooperative.  
  • The marketplace (Your Healthy Business) would enable any new small business owner in a for profit scenario with an extension from their per cloud.  
  • A cooperative would enable the for profit (?)
  • The Commons would be the path for a new non-profit or NGOs. (per-cloud)   
  • An event targeting the for profit marketplace 
  • Second Life  offers a learning marketplace with alternative currency and the best type of environment for capacity building and event management in a virtual world.  
  • EdTech offers FREE land with paid technical support in Second Life for Educators.
  • Financing Development - a joint fund into NIB from any source as a donation with tax deductions 
  • Second Life uses an alternative currency "Linden Dollars"  for building an event or learning SD supporting learning modules 
  • Workforce Development - capacity planning and development - education crosses all SDGs and all current operations in government at all levels.  
  • languages and country specific differentiation will be managed via a consistent structure for technology transfers. 
  • Each person chooses the language and currency in their profile as a default using the same structure,
  • Structured Information 
  • Software as a Service - Data in Motion Provenance or source system integration in a meaningful manner.  
  • Social Media as a Channel - for prevention and recovery communication networks and direct engagement with civil society
  • Gamification in virtual worlds for simulations and learning in innovative ways.
  • Output or completion of the capacity planning and sharing and caring economies confirming a  portfolio which Designs  the Strategy and Structure of each portfolio at a global scale with  communication to stakeholders who have a global interest.   globally.
  • offer in a part of a bigger system.  
  • Social Responsibility and Human Rights are inclusive of people and planetary boundaries.   
  • Design of a new offer requires the strategy and vision to be defined then the offers master structure and values 
Education and Research
  • Commerce 
ICT - Information, Communications and Technology
  • Information 
  • Executive in Cybernetics and part of the IDENTITY component

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