Turn systems into a political issue
Help a political party, a new agency or an NGO help systemic change

Imagine now that the message of "It's the Systems" piece is so strong that it ignites everyone's passion; that the insights it conveys are so powerful that they refocus everyone's political sensibilities; that its stories are so interesting that they naturally occupy everyone's attention. 

We don't need to tell you more; you can now easily imagine a variety of creative moves yourself. And begin doing them!

We had a couple of meetings with some of the leaders of the Norwegian Green Party, in the party's office in Oslo. They are still very small, progressive, and systems thinkers.

We told them: "You know just as well as we do—it's the systems! We don't make the world green or sustainable with the existing systems; and vice versa—by empowering the people to change them, we may accomplish a lot more."

Sweden has elections next year. With a couple of potential Swedish co-players we are beginning to develop a strategy.
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Turn systems into a political issue
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