It's the systems (...)!
Shows in an accessible, impressive and media-rich way that it's the systems (finance, governance, economy, public informing, research, education...) that now inhibit our ability thrive—and invites us into the realm of possibilities that are opened up by systemic re-evolultion

This piece is a placeholder for the kind of information that we may co-create or federate together. 

Around it, we develop a co-creation or federation procedure.

The current prototype is being created through collaboration of Fredrik Refsli in the role of "communication designers", and Dino Karabeg in the role of "researchers". 

The initial prototype is based on the Forecasts node of Hermes, with details provided in the blog posts Toward a scientific understanding and treatment of problems and The Game-Changing Game, and the lectures and articles provided therein. 

Example moves that are enabled by this piece are

  • Apply for funding (this piece serves as a rationale for 'proactive' approach to donorship...)
  • Make systems a political issue (this piece is offered to politicians, media people or anyone else who may be interested, to bring this way of thinking and working into the public sphere)
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It's the systems (...)!
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