We co-create pieces to enable moves

Conceived as an infinite collaborative game, Hermes invites its protagonists to co-create pieces, so that they and everyone else can make moves to improve our position (alignment for systemic impact).

Two pieces are provided here for illustration.

"It's the systems!" anticipates—and exemplifies—an agile insight that the systems community may contribute to the human community at large. It's a piece of information conveying an insight that can ignite passion for our cause, and motivate change. Our ability to thrive, or to have a democracy, or to solve our problems, or to be sustainable, crucially hinges upon our ability to re-evolve or re-create our key societal systems! 

This piece is created through knowledge media-enabled co-creation by the systems community and other stakeholders, and completed through a creative intervention of expert communication designers. 

This piece enables two distinct kinds of moves:

  • by discussing it and updating it, we evolve our mechanisms and processes for co-creating insights
  • by using it in other moves (such as inviting donors, or bringing it into public sphere through political campaign), we develop ways of sharing our insights further—and for putting them into concrete, systemic use

Program for the Future unconferences enable us to create snowballs. Online communication and co-creation has its limits—by bringing people together and orchestrating creative interaction, we quickly develop human bonds and a momentum that can later continue online. 

Program for the Future unconferences enable a variety of moves, such as:

  • exploring the possibility that "96.4%" of the still unused potential for using information technology to improve our condition now hinges upon our ability to use the information technology to enable more effective forms of organization in knowledge work and beyond (to "bootstrap our collective intelligence")—and then immediately proceeding to create projects
  • exploring the possibility to create a political campaign around the agenda of re-creating systems—and then immediately proceeding to create projects

Other potentially relevant pieces are provided in the article Bootstrapping Social-Systemic Evolution.

Hermes.CoI »Hermes.CoI
It's the systems (...)! »It's the systems (...)!
Program for the Future unconferences »Program for the Future unconferences
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