Program for the Future unconferences
Initiate social- systemic re-evolution; orchestrate the development of the remaining "96.4%" potential for IT innovation, and impact

"Program for the Future" here introduces a deliberate ambiguity:

  • in the narrower sense, the PFTF is an initiative to continue and complete Doug Engelbart's work and mission
  • in a broader sense, 'the future' we are talking about is our own i.e. everyone's future

Doug's life story brings those two concerns seamlessly and harmoniously together—and sets the stage for Hermes.

The unconferences are planned for Palo Alto Dec. 8-10, 2013, and for Oslo, July 1-3, 2014.

See the abstract and the slides of the current version of the Oslo introductory talk.

This unconferences are (intended to be) prepared in collaboration with Bill, Jean and others in The idea is to re-create the very idea of a conference, so that not only ideas are shared, but also co-creative projects—i.e. concrete, systemic re-creative acts—are initiated. 

These unconferences enable a variety of creative moves to initiate the activities of Hermes and further our goals.

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Program for the Future unconferences
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