Strategic moves planned or made, to improve our position

In Hermes—explained here with the help of the 'infinite collaborative game' metaphor—we co-create pieces and make moves.

The two moves that are described in adjacent nodes,

  • Apply for funding
  • Turn systems into a political issue

are really categories of moves, presented here to illustrate in what way the named pieces can enable creative moves that further Hermes' mission.

What we mean by 'moves', however, are primarily innumerable creative interventions that any of us may come up and execute in a short time, which move us all along in the 'game'. Here are some examples:

  • Put your name down in Participants, and begin co-creating and playing
  • Recommend a participant to be invited, or make the invitation yourself
  • Write a letter to Bill and Melinda Gates with the message "It's the systems!" and and inviting them to become participants in Hermes 
  • Invite your friend who you know has become disillusioned about conventional political action to a PFTF unconference
  • add a module in the PFTF unconferences website (which is Drupal-based) to enable us to co-create an invitation list
  • ...
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Turn systems into a political issue »Turn systems into a political issue
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