Stewardship of the Commons
The Commons as a guiding principle for the Global Pull Platform to Engage for the Commons.


Foundational Material: 

New institutional models
Blueprint for P2P Society: The Partner State & Ethical Economy by Michel Bauwens:

Michel describes the emergence of a new institutional model for peer production at the interplay between three partners:
  •     1. A community of contributors that create commons of knowledge, software or design;
  •     2. A set of for-benefit institutions which manage the "infrastructure of cooperation"         
  •     3. An enterpreneurial coalition that creates market value on top of that commons

The Commons as a basis for political discourse and economic model
The commons: A new narrative for our times by Silke Helfrich, Jörg Haas

The platform as an ecology for the commons
Design the platform as an ecosystem for the three types of players, within which each 'species' has its own distinctive function and contribution to the whole, each must be  sustainable, each must be nourrished. How do we feed these commons  and the players? How can they attract resources for their wellbeing? 

Course of Action

Plan a conversation between Michel Bauwens and James Quillian to exchange and combine their experience and the concepts they have developed to answer the questions above. That would be of great benefit to the community of  thinkers and doers. George Pór to draft the questions  for your conversation.

Apply this to the Pull Platform project. Both in how the platform could enable and accelerate the  emergence of such an economy (in the wider sense of taking care of the household), and how it could apply it to itself in its organizational and financial structure. 

If the commons is the tree, what are the roots and the branches? How do we hook all the streems and concepts into a meaningful whole so that each can recognize him/herself?

See The commons meme Map

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